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logo ebicom scritta in colore rosso rubino More support to the professional education.

This is the news explained along the meeting organised with the Job Advisers Association and organised by Ebicom the 21 November 2006 and held in Ca’ del Galletto Hotel meeting room. It has been assessed that these new allowance will be added to the already allocated benefits by the Body to enterprises and Services Sector employees..

“Through the new allowance called D8” Mr Vigilio Biscaro, the president explained during the meeting – “Workers will be able to claim up to 60% of the expenses due to their attendance to courses concerning their own work and tasks, up to a maximum of €200.00”. High interested for these kind of financial support has been registered from the Job Advisors Association, which took part to the meeting through its President, Mr Cesare Artico.

Thanks to Ebicom services sector employees, and with them the sector enterprises, according a bi-lateral logic, can count on a system of other benefit: from the birth-rate bonus, to the sick leave allowance, to supports for hearing aids, orthopaedic and opthamological, to contribution for medical expenses for disable sons, up to the benefit for dismissed workers after a justified objective reason by enterprises with less of 200 employees. These financial supports allocated by Ebicom are “a innovative and important action towards the world of small and micro sizes enterprises”.

“Developing this kind of subsidiary measures” Mr Vigilio Biscaro said – “demonstrates that also small realities, believing to its own role and targeting the improvement of work relationships, can shape instrument useful to the working world through a logic of dialogue and new Trade Union relationships. Benefits allocation by local Bodies will assure the proximity among subject and the work relationship quality”.

If it is true – as it is confirmed by recent surveys – that among the illness of the Northeast in the third millennium are first of the list the social insecurity, fear to lose the job position, insufficient wages, frustrating work environments, from Ebicom” – Mr Biscaro finished – “are arriving reassuring and comforting signs witnessing the renewed social dialogue and the mediation importance. Thanks to Ebicom, in the services sector world Trade Union relationship following a different way, the one which is guaranteeing the bi-lateral criteria which is producing good results for both enterprises and employees.

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