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Cycling in the Venice Garden ist ITB Berlin

08/03/2019 | Events | 
BIT - Internationaler Tourismus – Börse

27/02/2019 | Events | 
“Der Tourismus von Treviso bei FREE in München mit dem Besten, was das Fahrrad-, Kultur- und weingastronomische Angebot zu bieten hat”

13/02/2019 | Events |  München wird, noch einmal, die Hauptstadt von dem “Lokomotive-Land” der deutschen Wirtschaft, die das touristische System von Treviso beherbergen wird, das immer auf der Suche neuen Gästen ist.

August Issue - ICC Newsletter

20/08/2018 | Events | 
The Tiramisù World Cup

20/07/2018 | Events |  Events and meetings
President Pozza invites the new Mayor Conte at the Chamber council

21/06/2018 | Events |  A cooperation that intends to be immediate and effective for the city
Home Festival, a 9-year-long dream

20/06/2018 | Events | 

Toast at Universo Prosecco
PRESERVATION WITH PURPOSE. Learn about current approaches to preservation of historical buildings
tbdotcom data updates from companies: VILLI ZANINI FERRO BATTUTO D’ARTE DAL 1655
Tiramisù World Cup: at the Chamber of Commerce awarded the winner Andrea Ciccolella from Feltre (Belluno), worker at Luxottica.
TIRAMISU WORLD CUP. Are you going to be the next Champion? November, 3rd – 4th – 5th Treviso.