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University programmes in Treviso: contact details.

08/01/2018 | Spotlight |  Emails, phone numbers and websites of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, University of Padua and IUAV University, referred to courses based in the area of Treviso

 Dear users,

www.trevisobellunosystem.com is Treviso Chamber of Commerce’s official website for economic information, providing news and information related to territorial marketing on the area of Treviso and, on a wider scope, the Veneto region.

As for the university programmes offered in the province of Treviso, there’s a useful section collecting information on the various universities involved: University in Treviso.


For more information about issues related to university, please refer to the relevant offices as follows:

Ca’ Foscari University: programmes in Treviso 

Courses and tuition, registration, matriculation and enrolment, fees

Guidance and counselling office
Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia
Dorsoduro 3246 – 30123 Venezia
P +39 041 234 7936 – 7540
F +39 041 234 7946
email: orienta@unive.it

More information at:

University of Padua: programmes in Treviso 

Student Services Office
P +39 0422 513610
email serviziostudenti.treviso@unipd.it

Front office
Open Mon-Fri, 8 am to 6 pm
email: sleonardo@univtv.it

University of Padua: medical area programmes
P +39 0422 328191 2

More information at:

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