122 students from Belluno become “entrepreneurs of the future” with an initiative supported by the Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori – Da Rin Zanco: Guidance and school are key factors for the restart of the territory

During a webinar the winners of the "Business Game" for business simulation were awarded: gold medal to the boys of 4G Calvi Institute

Events - published on 14 May 2021

Source: press office Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti
Belluno May 13, 2021 – 122 students from Belluno, divided into 31 groups, challenged each other in a “Business Game” for the development of business culture and entrepreneurship within an
initiative supported and coordinated by the Gruppo Giovani Imprenditori of Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti that, during a webinar on Thursday, May 13, wanted to reward the winners.
Gruppo Imprenditori, led by Marco Da Rin Zanco, made available to the students the licenses purchased from a Norwegian company that produces an innovative game that allows them to simulate a
business project, a “business game” in fact, used by 16,000 students from 32 countries, from the United States to China. The one from Belluno was the only Italian representation present
within this platform.
The participants were projected into the future – in the year 2100 to be exact – and put in the shoes of entrepreneurs in the emerging and obviously still futuristic market of jetpacks (backpack
rockets that, thanks to a propulsion system, would allow a person to fly).
The “game” is popular in many high schools and universities around the world: through the use of digital technologies, the different areas of business reality are addressed, from market analysis to
research and development, production, budgeting, marketing and finance. All entirely in English.
It was a fascinating experiment. Through a “constructive” game, we encouraged the development of transversal skills that are increasingly in demand in companies, such as digital and linguistic
skills, and an aptitude for teamwork and problem solving – commented Da Rin Zanco –. The response from the students was enthusiastic and massive. It means that they want to put
themselves to the test, connect with the world and express their creativity.
The 122 students participating in the project come from the fourth and fifth classes of the IIS “Segato-Brustolon”, the IIS Feltre Sezione Negrelli, the ITE Calvi of Belluno and the ITE of
Santo Stefano di Cadore (IIS Fermi of Pieve di Cadore).
All have developed the project in groups working mainly in extra-curricular hours. The maximum commitment required was 40 hours and was included in the path for transversal skills and orientation
(the so-called PCTO) of each boy. The students were supported by Marco Da Rin Zanco, Mattia Stevanin and the staff of Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti.
For our Group, the relationship with students and teachers remains fundamental, and we have not left them alone even in these difficult months – says Da Rin Zanco -. Indeed, it is
precisely in this moment of profound uncertainty – in which the world of education itself seems to have been neglected at times – that it becomes essential to press on the accelerator of skills and
targeted orientation. These are crucial challenges to keep the best energies in our territory.
In addition to the Business Game, in recent months the Youth Group has carried out several initiatives in schools in the Belluno area, involving over 200 students, often with online events, in line
with the anti-Covid provisions.
To the students awarded during the webinar were distributed shopping vouchers between 150 and 50 euros.
Gold medal for the “AirJet World” team of Andrea Nora, Franco Panciera, Gabriele Fanna, Lisa Tormen and Martina Faso, students of the IV G of the Calvi Institute.
Second place for “EasyJetpack” by Andrea Piccin, Nicolas Torriglia and Sebastiano Topinelli of the V BIA of Segato.
Third place for “Enigma” of V BSIA of Calvi Giovanni Firpo, Marco Amato and Nicola Laforgia.
Fourth place for “MeDeM” by Daniele Bortolas, Matteo Bettoni and Matteo Titton, students of the V ITA of Negrelli.
These were excellent works, the most concrete sign that our schools provide good preparation. It’s up to us to cultivate the talents and inclinations of these kids by passing on the correct

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