15 March – Erica Boschiero concert at the Sant’Anna Theatre in Treviso

Second appointment for the 'FEMMINILE MUSICALE' review, conceived and organised by the production centre Gli Alcuni: on Friday 15 March, Erica Boschiero presents "Respira" (Breathe"), her latest work, in the five best albums shortlist for the Premio Tenco 2022.

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Source: press office Gli Alcuni

TREVISO – On Friday 15 March at 9 p.m., the second evening of “Femminile Musicale” (“Musician Women”) , a new event conceived and organised by the Theatre Production Centre Gli Alcun, which aims to give space to women, between music and theatre. The first evening was highly appreciated, with Boschiero herself conducting the Women’s Choir of the Università Popolare di Treviso and, towards the end, an applauded speech by singer-songwriter Gerardo Pozzi. Over 200 people attended the concert, applauding and moved.

Erica Boschiero, described as ‘the new Joni Mitchell‘, will present her most recent album, ‘Respira’, at the Sant’Anna Theatre, which speaks of what has become the key to understanding an era and brings to the surface all our contradictions. The arrival of Covid-19 has deprived millions of people of their breath; pollution in cities takes your breath away; the water in the Mediterranean, if a dinghy capsizes and you can’t swim, takes your breath away; the hand of a violent man takes your breath away…

 The question is rhetorical… Erica, are you happy to be performing at Sant’Anna? Besides “Respira” will you be presenting any new songs? “The concert on 15 March will be a wonderful opportunity to meet my city in a new, intimate and special way: I will be alone, guitar and voice, for an entire concert, in the theatre where I have so often attended other people’s concerts and shows… On this occasion, I will also present some new songs that will be part of the next record. It will be a dialogue, a navigation together inside this strange time through songs… a journey that I have no idea where it will take us… and I must tell you that I can’t wait!”

 Tell us more about this record: when was it created? What do you talk about with your songs? ‘Breathe’ came to light two years ago, recorded during the Covid epidemic. The title is taken from the song of the same name, a love song that a tree sings to a human being. But with what has happened in the past few years, this word has taken on many other meanings… I believe that breathing is the first step to return to an awareness, to a presence that enables us to choose, to act, to take care of what we are losing. The album was like a periscope that observed the reality around us in 360°: migration across the Mediterranean, the gender question, the environmental question… and at the same time a stethoscope listening to my own feeling about all this, which I am sure is common to many. Maybe that is why it is such a beloved record (we are on our third reissue)! The record has a very rich sound, thanks to Sergio Marchesini’s arrangements and the presence of guests such as Neri Marcorè and Ferruccio Spinetti and all the musicians who played on it. Listening to it in the guitar-voice version at Sant’Anna will be a bit like discovering it in its most essential guise, going to the heart of the songs, to their origin…

The show will start at 9 p.m.single admission 10 Euro – free under 6 years.

RESERVATIONS at Alcuni Teatro Sant’Anna from Monday to Friday 3-6 p.m.;
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The last appointment of the review, on Friday 22 March, is with “MARIA. LA CALLAS“, a show by Orti Erranti Teatro – Modus Produzioni

A performance in the form of a monologue that presents the extraordinary figure of the Divine as a woman, before that as a diva, with her energy and fragility, passions and torments.
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