180,000 euros for music and the music professions. It is the first protocol of its kind in Italy.

The Chamber of Commerce and the Conservatory of Music sign a three-year agreement (2021-2023) for the development of music programmes in the provinces of Treviso and Belluno, but also to support new V.A.T. matches in the field of music.

Events - published on 06 July 2021

Source: press office Chamber of Commerce of Treviso Belluno|Dolomiti
On the basis of the positive experience of the previous three years, which inaugurated the protocol between the Agostino Steffani Music Conservatory and the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso
and Belluno
, the two institutions have finalised and implemented a collaboration agreement for the organisation, implementation and promotion of activities linked to artistic and musical
as well as the development of entrepreneurial knowledge in the action oriented towards the creation of cultural and creative enterprises in the territories of the provinces of
Treviso and Belluno.
The Chamber of Commerce allocates 90,000 euros and the Conservatory has provided the same amount: this is the first protocol of its kind in Italy to date. The Chamber of Commerce has
found in the Conservatorio a partner that represents seriousness, planning and value.
We believe in culture as a driving force for a sustainable and pervasive economy in the soul and in doing good business, – says Mario Pozza, President of the Chamber of Commerce of
Treviso-Belluno and Unioncamere Veneto. That is why, in agreement with the Chamber’s Council and Board, the Chamber and Veneto Chamber system is in the fold of Teatro Stabile del Veneto, and
we have been supporting the Steffani Conservatory for three years, again this year with €90,000. Not only do we share the initiatives, but we support them with dedicated promotion.
The Chamber of Commerce has always paid attention to the changes taking place and to the new expressions of doing business, – the President emphasises. We find that the combination with
entrepreneurial experience and the new way of involving and attracting people in order to be successful in domestic, but above all foreign, markets, is the path we have to take. We therefore
support, with this new vision, the creation of music and the new companies and start-ups that will be the future of an economy renewed in the tradition that characterises us and makes us excellence
in the world.
We are committing 180,000 euros over a three-year period for the programming of concert programmes, but also for the support of new professionals linked to music. Not only performers and
instrumentalists, but also craftsmen and sound technicians.
But the agreement will not only finance live concerts and festivals in the area, it also aims to enter into an articulated programme to make the two provinces more attractive to tourists.
In the first three-year period, the agreement made it possible to hold 45 events with an audience of some tens of thousands of people. With this project, the Chamber of Commerce co-finances a
group of 500 students (20% of whom come from abroad) and 100 teachers (10% of whom reside in the major European capitals) who, even during the pandemic, have demonstrated their ability to organise
online teaching for 90% of their courses, while keeping the concert seasons streamed.
The Conservatoire also has active Erasmus and Erasmus Plus programmes with Moldovia and Argentina and is creating the first music institute in Maputo based on the European model in Mozambique. A
breeding ground for talent between classical and pop music, the Steffani has over the years trained profiles such as cellist Mario Brunello, conductors Andrea Marcon and
Giancarlo Andretta, soprano Francesca Dotto and pop star Francesca Michelin.
The creative cultural sector and tourism are important factors for the revitalisation of the economic fabric and can be essential in the post-Covid 19 phase because, together with heritage,
cultural events are fundamental elements of attraction, – added Nicola Claudio, president of the Agostino Steffani Conservatory. Finally, the protocol aims to support new
entrepreneurial ventures in the field of music.
The intention of this protocol is also to encourage the development of entrepreneurial knowledge in order to foster the birth of cultural and creative enterprises in the provinces of Treviso and
Belluno, – confirmed Stefano Canazza, director of the Agostino Steffani Conservatory. In this regard, we want to bring two concrete success stories of our students who, thanks
to the activities linked to the protocol, have been able to open a VAT number as sound engineers.
From the Conservatory to the profession: the case history of Federico Pelle, sound technician and today professor of electronic music at the Agostino Steffani Conservatory. Thanks to
a grant from the chamber of commerce of my home town, Vicenza, I was able to start my profession. And today, in the province of Treviso, I train young professionals in this field.
The two post-Covid success stories born thanks to the support programme with the Chamber of Commerce: Enrico Pavan and Giovanni Lando. Both Conservatory students, thanks to the
experience gained through the three-year programme, were able to open a VAT number and start working with record companies and businesses. Giovanni Lando was also admitted to Berkley

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