1million euro to support double digital and ecological transition in the enterprises of Treviso and Belluno

Companies in Treviso and Belluno, investments in 4.0 technologies and, from 2023, also in energy efficiency amount to more than 9.2 million (multiplier effect of more than 4 times)

Economy - published on 17 June 2024


Source: press office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso - Belluno|Dolomites

Treviso – Belluno, 13 June 2024. The data show that companies that adopt new technologies are more competitive. I therefore strongly urge companies – urges the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti Mario Pozza – to take advantage of the services made available by the Chamber of Commerce, such as the Chamber’s Entrepreneurship Desk and the PIDs, digital business points, garrisons in the territory at the service of companies and designed to assess the level of innovation and digitalisation from which to start to develop innovation processes in their business. These services make it possible to competently face the challenge of the double transition, accompanied by specialised structures and experts who have been supporting small and medium-sized enterprises for years on behalf of the government and in synergy with the chamber of commerce system.

In order to support the great challenge of the double digital and ecological transition, in 2024, the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti – continues Pozza – is making €1 million available with the special “Bando di Concorso”; applications can be transmitted telematically from Wednesday 19 June. The facilities envisaged by the call for proposals consist of non-repayable grants available to businesses for a maximum amount of EUR 35,000 per business. I therefore invite businesses to hurry up and submit their application for the contribution expenses. Our offices are available to support you. Considering the digital and ecological transition as an essential element,’ President Pozza concludes, ‘to remain competitive is fundamental. Seize this opportunity to advance successfully in an increasingly innovative and digitised market.


In the last four years (from 2020 to 2023), the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti has allocated as much as € 3.6 million for the digitalisation of businesses and Public Administration (in particular, municipalities through the SUAP and SUE digital), of which more than € 2.3 million in contributions paid to businesses through specific annual calls (bearing in mind that the 2020 call for proposals was postponed to 2021)

As many as 233 companies benefited from Chamber of Commerce contributions, 45 from the province of BL and 188 from TV, out of a total of 309 applicants.

Another 1.3 million was added for 2024, including 1 million for the call to support the double digital and ecological transition. The growth driver impact, if we consider the work and services carried out by service providers, consultants and resellers of technological tools, is far greater: corporate investments in 4.0 technologies and, from 2023, also in energy efficiency amount to more than 9.2 million (multiplier effect of more than 4 times, in practice).

Company investments in 4.0 technologies and, from 2023, also in energy efficiency amount to more than 9.2 million (multiplier effect of more than 4 times).

In 2023 alone, 735 people approached the Chamber’s Entrepreneurship Desk, with a total of 1,035 applications for help placed with the offices. To date, in 2024, there are 360.

The topics of interest mainly concern commerce, services and handicrafts (350 requests, especially related to clothing shops, food, bars, tailoring, services and personal care – here they range from beauticians to childcare and elderly care).


The diffusion of 4.0-5.0 technologies in Veneto’s manufacturing companies.

From the Unioncamere del Veneto business survey: by 2023 67.5% of the sample surveyed had adopted at least one technology, 37.8% at least 3 technologies.

The Study Centre of Unioncamere Veneto periodically monitors the state of adoption of 4.0 technologies in a sample that is broadly representative of the regional manufacturing sector (in the last survey, second quarter 2023, almost 2,000 companies responded).

Observing the historical series of results, the progression in the percentage of technology adoption is significant: in the first survey, conducted in 2017, ‘only’ 33% of manufacturing companies in Veneto were adopting at least one technology; in 2023 this share had risen to 67.5%.

Another notable finding is in the increasing diversification: in 2017, if the number of ‘digital agent’ companies was 100, the clear majority (59%) were limited to adopting a single technology, while only 15% claimed to adopt 3 or more technologies; in 2023, the situation was reversed. Companies that only adopt one technology have dropped to 28%, while those adopting packages of 3 or more technologies have risen to 48%.

This figure shows us that more and more companies are oriented towards adopting 4.0 organisational models: the focus is on industrial automation, but also on the integration of data throughout the various production phases, in order to fundamentally improve companies’ ability to measure their performance and make decisions quickly. Fundamental leverage for moving in these uncertain scenarios.

Source: Unioncamere Veneto – VenetoConjuncture Survey

For Treviso, machinery exports in the year 2023 are worth more than 2.8 billion euros (17.5% of the provincial total), with an increase compared to last year of +9.2%.

For Belluno, machinery exports (more than 528 million in sales in 2023) represent the second largest item in the province, after eyewear, which accounts for more than 74% of provincial exports (for machinery the weight is 10%).

Data by the Studies and Statistics Office of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno | Dolomites


Notice of Competition for the granting of contributions to SMEs in support of the double digital and ecological transition – Year 2024.

From next 19 June 2024 and until 27 September 2024 micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the provinces of Treviso and Belluno that have incurred expenses related to capital goods, services or solutions focused on new digital skills and technologies, and/or consultancy and/or training services aimed at rationalising the use of energy by businesses, through the implementation of energy efficiency measures, from 1.1.2024 they will be able to participate in the “Bando di Concorso per la concessione di contributi alle MPMI a sostegno della doppia transizione digitale ed ecologica – Anno 2024“.

The facilities provided by the Call for Proposals consist of non-repayable contributions granted pursuant to EU Regulations No. 2023/2831 and No. 1408/2013.

The Call for Proposals has a total fund of € 1,000,000.00.

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