21 June 2021 Top of the PID_Mirabilia Award – Tourism and SMEs, technological innovations provide an opportunity for a new start.

On 21 June on the @mirabilianetwork YouTube channel, the Mirabilia Top of the PID award. The protagonists will be the companies that, thanks to the Chambers' PIDs, have developed digital transformation projects in this pandemic year.

Events - published on 18 June 2021

Source: Mirabilia Top of the PID press office
It is called Mirabilia Top of the PID and it is the initiative that will award companies that have developed innovative solutions for tourism during this long year of the Covid-19 pandemic. A
sector that now wants to find more than one opportunity to restart.
The award ceremony will take place on Monday 21 June at 10.30 a.m., strictly at a distance and in compliance with the anti-Covid regulations, with a live streaming that can be
followed online thanks to the web connection to the @mirabilianetwork YouTube channel, at the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWlSe9VSntxsx4D3gFTQ1Lg.
THE PROJECT. The award is part of #pid4mirabilia, the collaboration project between Associazione Mirabilia Network – which brings together 17 Chambers of Commerce that have at least
one UNESCO site in their territory – and the Pid (Punto impresa digitale), the first local information and guidance centre for SMEs on digital transformation.
The Chambers of Commerce of Bari, Basilicata, Benevento, Caserta, Chieti-Pescara, Genoa, Messina, Molise, Pavia, Riviere di Liguria, Sassari, South-East Sicily, Treviso-Belluno, Pordenone-Udine,
Umbria, Verona and Venezia Giulia
have been involved throughout Italy.
THE NETWORK. In the last year, the PIDs of these Cciaa have acted as points of reference, almost a first aid for companies that, because of Covid, have experienced a difficult period of
lockdown that has severely tested their very existence.
Thanks to the collaboration with Mirabilia Network it was possible to network and enhance the territories through an integrated tourist offer, to promote the use of new technologies
to enhance the traditions and territory of the associated sites, to enrich the range of cultural experiences and to integrate tradition and innovation.
It was possible to create and disseminate webinars to help SMEs, particularly those in the tourism sector, to restart after the pandemic. Demonstrating that 4.0 technologies can do a lot for
businesses and the tourism sector in particular.
And Mirabilia Top of the PID award represents the synthesis of this long work.
THE FINALISTS. Of the 42 companies that applied for the award, 11 made it to the final stage. A real “dream team” formed by the finalists who represent the Top of the PID Mirabilia 2020.
Competing for the three steps of the podium will be Azienda Agricola Goretti with the project Smart Tasting for PID Umbria, then Bidata Srl with Travelly for PID Caserta,
CiaoBooking Srl with CiaoBooking for PID Verona, CulturalCloud Scarl with Smart Culture for PID Chieti-Pescara, Intelligentia Srl with Apriti Sèsamo for PID Benevento,
Ligusto Snc with Battista for PID Riviere di Liguria. And again, Nextome Srl with Nextome for PID Bari, Saguaro di Angelo Bencivenga with Ofello for PID Basilicata,
Solution Plus Srl with Kross Booking for PID Bari, The Thinking Clouds with Glooci for PID Benevento and, finally, TNN Srls with Spiaggiati for PID Genoa.
THE PRIZES. The top three, chosen by a jury made up of experts from the Genoa Chamber of Commerce – which conceived and coordinated the #pid4Mirabilia project – and Dintec – a company of the
Chambers of Commerce for technological innovation -, will receive: a prize of 3 thousand euros (first prize) and then two one-week stays and a weekend (second and third
) to be spent in the Mirabilia territories.
THE DAY AND THE PROCEEDINGS. The awards ceremony will be opened by the President of Genoa Chamber of Commerce, Luigi Attanasio, the President of Caserta Chamber of Commerce,
Tommaso De Simone, and the President of Mirabilia Association, Angelo Tortorelli.
It will be the digital coordinator of Pid Genova, Anna Galleano, who will introduce the 11 finalist companies of the Top of the PID Mirabilia 2020.
Antonio Romeo, director of Dintec, will announce the three winning companies and those who will receive a special mention.
The event is organised by the Chamber of Commerce of Genoa with Mirabilia Network and the PID offices of the Chambers of Commerce of the finalist companies.

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