25th anniversary of CERT’s birth

T²i - Technology Transfer and Innovation celebrates.

Promo - published on 03 December 2021

Source: T²i press office – Technology Transfer and Innovation
Excellence from Veneto, in 25 years CERT laboratories have contributed to making companies more competitive in the national and international markets
Over 50,000 companies served in 25 years of activity and more than 500,000 documents issued by the laboratories, including certificates and test and calibration reports.
Rustigné di Oderzo, 2 December 2021 – This year marks the 25th anniversary of the birth of CERT, one of the first laboratories created in Veneto to support the culture of Quality and
the product and process certification needs of companies: one of the flagships of T²i – Technology Transfer and Innovation, a consortium company owned by the Chambers of Commerce of
Treviso-Belluno|Dolomiti, Verona and Venice-Rovigo.
To celebrate this important milestone together, T²i – Trasferimento Tecnologico e Innovazione organised an event this morning in Rustignè di Oderzo, headquarters of CERT, to present
the new technologies developed to support product certification, which was attended by: Mario Pozza, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti and President
of Unioncamere Veneto, Francesco Calzavara, Regional Councillor for Planning and Budget, in charge of the Digital Agenda, Tommaso Marchetti, Councillor in charge of Commerce and
Productive Activities of the Municipality of Oderzo, Roberto Santolamazza, General Manager of T²i and Giorgio Zanchetta, President of T²i. Also present were representatives of a
number of local companies that have collaborated with CERT laboratories in recent years, in particular: Matteo Bianchin of Fassa Bortolo, Sandro Marchetto and Marco Gasparin of
Somec and Enrico Campion of Nice.
Established in 1996 as a division of the special company Treviso Tecnologia, CERT is now a key area of the consortium company of the Veneto Chamber system, providing companies from all over
Italy with different types of accredited laboratories, to test and certify company products according to specific needs. Constant work to develop new skills has so far allowed us both to respond to
the real needs of companies and to be recognised as excellent at national and international level, extending both the territories served and the network of scientific collaborations.
In particular, CERT includes:

A metrological laboratory equipped with the most modern measuring systems that in 2020 issued 4,266 calibration certificates for multiple types of instruments: one of the few
realities present in the regional territory to support companies in facing difficulties and solving problems related to product monitoring and measurement.

A chemical laboratory that supports companies and operators in the wine sector. In particular, the laboratory performs official analyses in the wine sector for
DOC/DOCG certification, for the entire national territory, and issues certificates of analysis for export, thanks to the authorisation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and
In 2020 alone, the laboratory analysed 4,448 wine samples.

A Product Laboratory: Physical-Mechanical Tests and Fire Reaction, qualified to perform tests valid for CE marking in construction products (981 tests performed in 2020), such as windows
and doors, curtain wall modules, partition systems, cladding systems, flooring and furniture, as well as other building components installed in residential and commercial buildings in many
countries around the world.

the activities of the European Certification Body for the EU Construction Products Regulation 305/11

the assessment of product performance based on tests (including sampling), calculations, tabulated values or descriptive product documentation

the initial inspection of the manufacturing plant and of factory production control

continuous surveillance, assessment and evaluation of factory production control

with audit activities carried out in the field necessary to certify products and production of the applicant companies, issuing a European “passport” to their circulation.

The quality of Veneto products is recognised all over the world,- said Mario Pozza, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso-Belluno and Unioncamere Veneto. – All over
the world, in fact, the quality is appreciated for its high standards, certified by a system of laboratories that verify the specifics and guarantee safety. Customers and end consumers are
reassured by the verification cycle, thus guaranteeing product performance. Today, we have celebrated not only 25 years of CERT activity, but also 25 years of support to our companies, which,
thanks to the laboratories in Rustignè, have been able to sell and export their products, certifying all the standards required by national and foreign markets. CERT, supported by the Chambers of
Commerce of Treviso – Belluno |Dolomiti di Verona and Venice and Rovigo, through its subsidiary T2i, has facilitated the certification chain, in a location that logistically serves the entire
The role of these certification laboratories is strategic for the possibilities of effective and efficient development, by our companies, of products ready to go to international markets and to
be competitive,” says Giorgio Zanchetta, president of T2i, who adds, “the value of their presence in our territory is demonstrated by the continuity of our collaboration with many local
companies, which also use the laboratories as a centre of competence to face the technical and technological challenges that global markets impose on us.
T2i’s director Roberto Santolamazza also adds – CERT laboratories are a fundamental part of T2i’s offer as an innovation and technology transfer agency, as they allow us to solve,
alongside companies, the technical and performance challenges of products that are constantly evolving in the international regulatory panorama, certifying their performance according to schemes
recognised at the highest levels. These laboratories constantly take part in European technical circuits to guarantee the utmost excellence of their services and continually update their skills:
for the three-year period 2021-2023, T2i will hold the presidency of ALIF – Associazione Italiana dei Laboratori per la Reazione al Fuoco.
The event, which ended with a visit by the participants to the laboratories, was finally an opportunity to discuss with Dr. Marco Galanti (Head of the Neroluce Centre in Treviso)
SensorBIM, a project co-financed by the Interreg Italy-Austria programme, which addresses one of the main technological challenges of the construction sector, namely that of intelligent
management of energy efficiency and comfort in buildings. The project aims at developing an integrated hardware and software platform to provide SMEs with digitally intelligent façade systems and
new plant control systems, in order to reduce the real energy consumption of buildings, increase their efficiency and improve their maintenance.

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