A great celebration welcomed President Pozza and Red Canzian to the Lepido Rocco with fashion designer Muraro

Worlds that look at each other and in a new way communicate to promote the area and strengthen the skills of young people for companies

Events - published on 31 May 2021


Source: The Chamber of Commerce of Treviso-Belluno|Dolomiti press office

Treviso, May 29, 2021 – President Mario Pozza and the artist Red Canzian went to the Lepido Rocco to meet the fashion stylist and professor Gian Pietro Muraro who will
create and make, with the students of the knitwear course, some costumes of Red Canzian‘s opera “Casanova”.
We are gathering all the forces, thanks to President Pozza, to create connections and network with the school and with the esteemed professor Muraro, here at the Lepido Rocco, to
promote and revive through art, our territory – said Red Canzian -.
I wanted these worlds to meet to create new collaborations involving young people and school and responding to the excellence of the world of art and culture, Red Canzian. We are
convinced that the best thing is to invest in young people who will take the future of our country in their hands – said President Pozza -. With this project we involve and involve
young people in active actions with internationally renowned teachers such as fashion stylist Gian Pietro Muraro.
I thank the General Manager Dr. Alberto Visentin of Lepido Rocco and the Director Margherita Bergo for the welcome they gave us at the “campus” I say, because the Lepido Rocco is
a real hothouse of professions, high education and specialization so important for our companies that here find professionalism prepared in different areas with specific skills, essential for the
characteristics of the Venetian productions.
Lepido Rocco is one of the most important professional training institutions in the Veneto Region, founded over 100 years ago. It trains young people in its 5 locations: Villorba-Treviso, Caorle,
Pramaggiore, Castelfranco Veneto and Motta di Livenza, with various training cycles, from the electromechanical sector to tourism-hotel and wellness. Ninety percent of the students find a job
before finishing their training courses, bringing home great satisfaction in the various company competitions in which they participate.
After the visit to the knitting workshop, where Red Canzian could see the costume made by Prof. Muraro and the students, with knitwear woven by the school’s machines, President
Pozza and Red Canzian were welcomed with great enthusiasm by the students of the bakers’ workshop and their teachers.
It was a great celebration. The smell of freshly baked bread, the active kneading machines, the cakes made for the occasion, the students in impeccable uniforms, created that communication
between the world of business, art and school, outside the usual canons, creating new connections and ideas for new projects that involved the students to the maximum.

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