A4 motorway accidents, president of Unioncamere Veneto Mario Pozza: the government needs to speed up to solve a huge problem

Economy - published on 07 December 2021

Source: Unioncamere del Veneto press office
The President of Unioncamere del Veneto, Mario Pozza, comments on yet another accident on the A4 this week: -It is a war bulletin that continues to run and which, unfortunately, also
records fatal accidents like the one a few days ago. That is why our first thoughts and condolences go to the families of the victims. What happens every day, however, is a strong and clear
signal: the Government needs to speed up its efforts to solve this huge problem. This is no longer the time for meetings, discussions or reflection, but it is necessary to intervene with
investments in order to finally start work on this stretch of motorway, which has come to be defined as “cursed.
It is no longer just an infrastructure issue, but a road safety problem involving citizens, businesses and all those people who travel these 20 km every day at the risk of losing their lives.
To understand that we must act quickly, it would be enough to look at the list of accidents that have occurred this year and put ourselves in the shoes of the families of those who have
unfortunately lost their lives.
As Unioncamere Veneto we have been stressing for some time the need to find a solution and put an end to this affair. It is no longer an option, but a priority for the entire country.
Ours is an appeal for the assumption of responsibility because every day lost risks lengthening the war bulletin.

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