Agreement between the Municipality of Treviso and the Chamber of Commerce for the economic and touristic revival

A shared program for the promotion of the territory through exhibitions and events. In the protocol there is also the redevelopment of the area of Piazza Borsa and Sant'Andrea gardens

Economy - published on 25 May 2021
Source: The municipality of Treviso and The Chamber of Commerce of Treviso-Belluno|Dolomites press office
Treviso, 24th May 2021 – This agreement is not only an agreement between the parties, but it is in itself a coordinated strategic action – points out
President Mario Pozza -. The economic categories, in fact, through the Chamber of Commerce, actively participate in the relaunch of the Historic Center of the City of Treviso. The Chamber
aims to respond to the needs of the social capital of the territory as an inclusive subject in its role of interlocutor and activator of projects. With the redevelopment of the quadrant of Piazza
Borsa we look to the restart to revive the city, as protagonists to citizens and to make tourists feel “at home”, aiming at their loyalty. This ambitious goal requires a challenging teamwork that
is realized also with the signing of this agreement with the Mayor of Treviso, whom I thank. Today, the role of the OGD, the organizational tool identified by the Veneto Region, for the planning
and promotion of tourism in the Treviso area is even more recognized. It is coordinated and managed by the Marca Treviso Foundation, which continues to be identified as the appropriate entity to
carry out the marketing and coordination activities of the OGD and the destination. We will continue to support the Gambrinus Mazzotti Award because we believe in culture and in new proposals,
sprouting new ideas. It seems to me that we are all here, all that remains is to get down to work immediately, certain that we will do a good job.

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