Agreement between the Prefecture and the Chamber of Commerce: data to monitor and guarantee good business practices

His Excellency Prefect Bracco and President Pozza with digital for the territory and the protection of legality

Economy - published on 02 March 2021

Source: The Chamber of Commerce of Treviso-Belluno|Dolomites

Belluno, 1st March 2021. Three applications to graphically visualize the correlations between subjects and companies registered in the Register of Companies, the
possibility to monitor over time the changes that occur in the companies and the possibility to obtain geo-referenced lists of companies based on dimensional parameters, by geographical area or by
activity sector, returning an immediate perception of the existing relations between people and companies that can be traced back to them. Data that can be concretized at any time in the extraction
of documents in textual format such as the company profile or the card of the shareholdings of a physical person.
In brief, this is the operational and control model of the agreement signed between the Chamber of Commerce and the Prefecture of Belluno since 2017 with extension to 2020 and today, with joint
signing of the protocol between President Mario Pozza and the new Prefect Dr. Sergio Bracco.
The protocol provides for free access to the Chamber’s databases in the configuration of the “Advanced Telemaco” package, complete with Ri.Map, Ri.Build and Ri.Visual functions.
In signing the important agreement, Prefect Dr. Sergio Bracco, reiterated the importance of full access to the Chamber’s databases – through which the Interforce Group of the
Prefecture, the individual Police Forces and the DIA are able to have an updated picture of the companies and their connections. Today, these instruments are more indispensable than ever, because
the complete analysis of company relations allows the prevention system to intercept possible attempts of conditioning or infiltration of organized crime into the legal economy. This becomes even
more important in the current historical moment, in which the economy is affected by the effects of the Covid-19 health emergency and the consequent restrictive measures imposed by the national and
regional government to contain the contagion. For this reason, I would like to thank the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso Belluno|Dolomites for the availability shown once again, in
the name of the synergic institutional commitment to protect legality in a healthy territory that must look with confidence and security to the organization of the 2026 Winter Olympics.
The President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso Belluno|Dolomites, Mario Pozza, has underlined how – it is not possible to do good business without legality. With this agreement we
want to guarantee entrepreneurs to work with peace of mind, in a healthy and attractive territory for investors that among the parameters of attractiveness have that of legality. The contingent
moment of widespread crisis, caused by the pandemic, requires that institutions collaborate, become active sentinels to ensure the good doing business, with the support of funding profiled and not
sprinkled, listening to the real needs of the area, with the active and continuous collaboration with the police.
The World Ski Championships have taken place, and now the focus is on preparing the territory for the 2026 Cortina Olympics.
This is an excellent opportunity that makes us look strategically and sustainably at the works that need to be done and, above all, identify what we want to be. Businesses are key players in
this, they are sentinels of the environment, they are widespread lookouts with whom dialogue is essential. I would like to thank Prefect Bracco for listening and collaborating right from the
beginning of his mandate.
How do the applications work?
The use of the application is of particular interest to the subjects in charge of the prevention and repression of criminal phenomena as it allows an immediate representation of relations between
subjects and between companies, as well as automatically monitoring the variations that are registered on the positions of the companies of interest, also providing a geo-referencing of the data,
with the significant advantage of using a much more streamlined and simplified approach compared to the traditional channels of consultation of the R.I. of the Police Forces.
The Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno | Dolomites, thanks to the technological support of Infocamere Scpa, has now also the new application called “REX – Regional Explorer”, aimed at an
advanced use of the information of the Register of Companies by the police, which completes and enriches the options of use of the above mentioned package “Advanced Telemaco”, for the development
of in-depth analysis and targeted investigations on economic and corporate dynamics of a punctual nature or on a territorial basis.
The experience gained under the protocol in both provinces, has proved remarkably positive not only in terms of the growth of a mutual collaboration between public institutions that act and protect
the same territory, but also in terms of the usefulness of the initiative itself with regard to legality.
The new agreements are substantially modelled on the previous ones with the following identified changes:
(a) duration: a two-year term is envisaged (2021 and 2022) expiring on 31st December 2022 renewable for a further two years by written confirmation;
b) possibility of also using the “REX” application in addition to the “Advanced Telemaco” package;
c) establishment of a coordination table for the activities related to the monitoring of the use of the tools made available, with the aim of further developing the collaboration also through the
activation of special initiatives that will be submitted to the examination and approval of the signatories of this Protocol. The coordination table will be presided over by the Prefect of Belluno
or by a delegate – the table is composed of the Administrations that sign the new Protocol, as well as representatives of the Police Headquarters, Provincial Command of the Carabinieri, Provincial
Command of the Guardia di Finanza of Belluno, and DIA of Padua, to which the Prefecture of Belluno will assign the respective accesses in use.
The Protocol of Understanding provides that the Chamber of Commerce will bear the costs of providing access to the data of the Register of Companies through the services “REX” and “Advanced
Telemaco”, complete with Ri.Map, Ri.Build and Ri.Visual.

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