Alternance stories award: more than 3,000 students involved, 244 schools and training bodies, 335 projects in competition

First prize winners: Associazione Centro ELIS (Rome), Istituto di Istruzione Superiore - Podesti Onesti - (Ancona), Istituto Tecnico Industriale Enrico Fermi (Modena), Fondazione ITS per la Mobilità Sostenibile Aerospazio/Meccatronica (Turin)

Economy - published on 26 November 2021
Source: Unioncamere Press Office
Verona, 25 November 2021 – A renewed edition, 4 categories in competition, almost 3,300 students involved, 244 Schools, ITS Foundations (Higher Technical Institutes) and Vocational
Training Centres taking part and over 330 projects sent in
: this is the balance of the Fourth Edition of the “Alternation Stories” Award, promoted by Unioncamere and 41 Chambers of Commerce
to give visibility to stories of alternation and/or apprenticeship realised within ITS training paths, dual paths or Paths for Transversal Skills and Orientation (PCTO).
Twelve schools/training institutes (Licei, Technical and Vocational Institutes, ITS and CFP) have been awarded the coveted prize, which was presented today during the 30th edition of
, the trade fair for guidance, schools, training and work 2021. The projects were developed and realised with the contribution of teachers, students and young people from
Higher Technical Institutes, Italian schools of the second cycle of education and training and Vocational Training Centres, with the collaboration of external/company tutors.
The Ministers for Education and Labour, Patrizio Bianchi and Andrea Orlando, wanted to send a message to the young people attending the initiative. Minister Bianchi stressed
that the project – is a valuable model of education and training that involves all school communities in an exchange of ideas and experiences. Minister Orlando, on the other
hand, pointed out that the prizes awarded are – downstream of a pathway that is certainly interesting and represents the road on which to work to strengthen skills and make our country more
competitive, with a more effective system of matching labour supply and demand.
Once again in 2021, teachers, students and businesses were widely involved in the various alternance and/or apprenticeship initiatives aimed at creating a virtuous circle to support the
acquisition and strengthening of skills in young people to be spent in the world of work.
The commitment to recounting the “stories” of the experiences of the students is reflected in the broad territorial involvement, with 65% of the projects coming from institutes/institutions in
Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Piedmont, Marche, Apulia and Campania, a testament to the educational value and bonding between teachers, students and the social and productive realities of the
territories that alternation activities can have even in this difficult new phase.
The 335 projects presented show that students have been confronted with a wide variety of training opportunities offered to them by schools, companies and local institutions. Among the themes in
which the alternation experiences were carried out, the most popular was Environmental sustainability (20%), followed by Social activities/Welfare and Communication (each 13%), Cultural heritage
and Web applications (each 11%), Mechatronics and Catering/Tourism (each 9%), Marketing (6%), followed by Management, Design/fashion, Territorial specificities/district productions and
Sport/entertainment (a total of 10%).
Overall, there were 2,382 projects submitted during the seven sessions that have followed since the award was established in 2017, involving over 27 thousand students.

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