An indoor market in the Treviso city center, in the spaces of the Chamber of Commerce. Mario Pozza: the Chamber of Commerce is the real house of the companies. A unique project in Italy.

Grand opening on Friday, November 24th after the Conference about Agro-mafia at the Chamber of Commerce.

Economy - published on 15 November 2017

Source: Coldiretti Treviso Press Office

“A short supply chain, indeed very short and signed by the food-farmers is landing in the
city center of Treviso. We stand up for providing origin guaranteed, seasonal and checked farming products of the territory”.
Coldiretti Treviso President Walter Feltrin announces an epochal event for the consumers’ world, namely the
opening of a real indoor market where local agricultural entrepreneurs participating at the “Campagna Amica” Coldiretti project will sell the product of our territory.

This morning at Cà Sugana, city hall of Treviso, the presentation press conference: they were
present the Mayor Giovanni Manildo and the Assessor Paolo Camolei, the Chamber of Commerce President Mario Pozza, the President and the Managing Director of Coldiretti,
respectively Walter Feltrin and Antonio Maria Ciri and the SWG Technical Director Enzo Risso.

“This is the seal of the agreement between we products and the consumers of Treviso –
underlines Walter Feltrin of Coldiretti Treviso – It is the actualization of all vital elements of the short supply chain, in order to provide warranties and a virtuous contact between who
produces and who buys and consumes Made in Treviso products”.

The project has been implemented in Piazza Giustinian Recanati 7, closed to Riviera Santa
Margherita in the city center. For this reason the name of the indoor market is “Riviera Santa Margherita”.

The grand opening will take place on Friday, November 24th at 12:00 after the awaited
conference about agri-food mafia.

The President of Belluno-Treviso Chamber of Commerce Mario Pozza: “It is within the
Chamber Committee objectives to give visibility to the local companies by valorizing their products. The Chamber of Commerce it is the real house of the enterprises. I think that all is growing in
Piazza Giustinian in Treviso is a unique project in Italy. In particular for some features that see also the integration of companies belonging to different sectors. This fact is extremely valuable
and interesting, because the concept of “system” will be much more of reward”.

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