Ars & Téchne: Paths for Transversal Skills and Orientation. A dialogue between Liceo Classico Flaminio and the artisans

Economy - published on 05 March 2021
Treviso, Monday 22nd February 2021
A project of excellence and heart carried out by looking at the dialogue between school and crafts. The peculiarity is that it was the Liceo Classico Flaminio that dialogued with the artisans.
Liceo and Confartigianato of Vittorio Veneto with the participation of the Chamber of Commerce.
It was a true success that thrilled everyone. President Pozza intervened with a heartfelt speech.
The Headmaster, Prof. Emanuela Da Re expressed her great satisfaction for the important project carried out by students and teachers.
The young students of the classical high school presented the video Ars & Téchne: Paths for Transversal Skills and Orientation of the Liceo Flaminio in collaboration with the Confartigianato
Association of Vittorio Veneto.
The students of the Class III A of the school told their classmates, teachers, entrepreneurs who have collaborated with them and the citizenship their experience of visiting some artisan companies
in the territory of Vittorio Veneto and presented the final video that collects the interviews.

The Headmaster, Prof. Emanuela Da Re

The President of the Confartigianato Association, geom. Enrico Maset

The Councillor for Social Services and School Policies, Prof. Antonella Caldart

The Internal Tutor, Prof. Anna Del Puppo

The External Tutor Dr. Alberto Boscariol

The entrepreneurs who worked with the students.

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