Arte Laguna Prize – High turnout of Companies and Institutes offering opportunities to Artists. Entry deadline extended to Nov. 22

Events - published on 30 October 2023

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VENICE – Arte Laguna Prize has been known for 18 years as the Prize that uncovers emerging talent in Contemporary Art. Entries come in from all over the world, and the jury, composed of international experts, selects 120 finalists each year, including digital artists, street artists, designers, videomakers, landscape artists, graphic designers, performers, photographers, sculptors, and painters.

But that’s not all, more and more entrepreneurs and realities sensitive to the world of Contemporary Art are in fact forming collaborations with Arte Laguna Prize, putting up Special Prizes that represent, on the one hand, real extra opportunities for Artists, and on the other hand, the possibility of bringing new and quite particular ideas and visions to different business realities and not, in the constant search for innovation.

There are numerous accounts of companies that have embraced the initiative proposed by Arte Laguna Prize over the years. The first of the entrepreneurs, in 2007, was Silvano Pierdonà of Capodopera, which chose Annalù to create the artistic series of limited edition sideboards presented at the Milan Furniture Fair. Other more recent examples involve Bios Line, which selected sculptor Vittorio Mandelli to create an artistic work in the shape of a cedar wood seed installed at the company’s entrance. Or Fraccaro Spumadoro, which created the packaging for its Christmas focaccia with artist Amelia Corvino. Click on the Business for Art section for other examples.

The highly anticipated 18th edition of the Arte Laguna Prize has already included numerous collaborations, such as the one with the firm Incalmi, which does research, design and product development for important names in the world of luxury, design and architecture, and creates objects that are unique in the world in terms of inspiration, creativity and workmanship.

Incalmi requires the submission of a work, project or design product in the field of lighting, giftware or furniture that involves the use of the technique of fire enamel on copper.

Another Special Prize the one offered by PRIMOPIANO CUCINE, which is looking for artists, designers, students and creative people to present a work or project that can describe the importance of living well in the places that surround people in their everyday lives.

And again Framis Italia, which will award the best artistic proposal involving the use of its new product, Framis tape, for the fashion world.

But in the fall, three more have joined the ranks: NonName Studio offering an artistic residency in Shanghai, Energiapuntozero offering a Prize to collect artistic proposals in order to raise awareness of environmental sustainability, and the IED Group, Scuola di Alta Formazione, offering one of their courses as a prize.

Due to this abundance of prizes, which were formalized at the last moment, the organization decided to extend the deadline for entries to Nov. 22, 2023, giving more opportunity for artists to apply for these Prizes.

Participation so far has been above expectations, with as many as 30% more applications submitted than in the previous edition, a sign that Contemporary Art is blossoming more and more and creating interesting new avenues on all fronts, both for those who express talent and for those who identify it in others and make good use of it, as well as for human, social and environmental life.

For entries:

The Arte Laguna Prize Finalists and Special Prizes Exhibition is held every year in March in the Nappe dell’Arsenale Nord in Venice, a unique and fascinating place to enhance the work and artistic heritage of each edition.

The Exhibition guarantees Artists absolute visibility in the magnificent and historic production environments of the Arsenal, which was once the largest ship factory in Europe. The exhibition is awaited by art collectors, curators, critics, gallery owners and art lovers. The opening will be held on Saturday, March 2, at 5 p.m., and then from March 3, the Exhibition will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily until April 1, with admission by liberal donation to MoCA Association.

Here is the substantial prize money:

  • Group exhibition at the Arsenale Nord in Venice in March 2024
  • First prize of €10,000 for the Overall Winner
  • 3000€ offered by Incalmi
  • 3000€ offered by PRIMOPIANO CUCINE
  • 3000€ offered by Energiapuntozero
  • 2000€ offered by Framis Italia
  • 5000€ offered by Ied Group
  • 1 prize offered by the KINDL festival, Berlin, Germany
  • 1 prize offered by BJC
  • 1 prize offered by Galleria Luisa Catucci, Berlin
  • 1 prize offered by Cris Contini Gallery, London
  • 1 residency offered by Fabrica di Benetton in Treviso, Italy
  • 1 residency offered by Tasa in Taiwan
  • 1 residency offered by NoName Studio in Shanghai, China
  • 1 residency offered by BigCi in Australia
  • 1 residency offered by NY20+ in China
  • 1 residency offered by Blackholes in Latvia
  • 1 residency offered by CCCA in Ghana
  • 1 residency offered by MoCA in Venice Italy
  • Permanent visibility on the digital e-commerce platform Arte Laguna World

Building on its long-standing mission to foster new talent and through its extensive network of global collaborations, Arte Laguna Prize encourages artists and designers to submit their work and take part in this global celebration of Contemporary Art.

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