Artificial Intelligence and Medicine: live streaming on March 16, 2021

At 9:00 pm on the Facebook pages of A.I.A. and the City of Villorba

Events - published on 11 March 2021

Source: A.I.A. – Artificial Intelligence in Agorà press office

Villorba, 11th March 2021. The Covid-19 outbreak has made the power of Artificial Intelligence in medicine tangible. There are machine learning algorithms being used to examine
radiological images of the lungs of Covid patients to help doctors manage dozens of cases and streamline the time to diagnosis. There are intelligent systems to remotely diagnose and perform
surgeries. Medical science has always taken advantage of advances in technology, how is Artificial Intelligence changing medicine, what are the risks and what are the challenges for doctors and
FRANCESCO BENAZZI, General Manager ULSS2 della Marca Trevigiana;
GIAMPAOLO COLLECCHIA, specialist in internal medicine, trainer and author of the book Artificial Intelligence and Digital Medicine. A critical guide;
GIOVANNI MORANA, medical radiologist, Director of the Complex Operative Unit of Radiology at Treviso Hospital, former President of the International Cancer Imaging Society (ICIS).
Moderator: Luciano Franchin
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A.I.A. – Artificial Intelligence in Agora
Meeting and thinking about Artificial Intelligence in the virtual square of our time
The formula of A.I.A. – organized by the Cultural Association Bibliotreviso in partnership with the Municipality of Villorba and the Province of Treviso, under the patronage of the Veneto Region,
the Municipality of Treviso, ULSS 2 Marca Trevigiana and the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso and Belluno -. The project foresees at least two appointments per month (for a total of 15 meetings) in
live streaming on the A.I.A.’s and Municipality of Villorba’s Facebook pages from October 2020 to April 2021 with experts, scholars, creatives, companies that already work, study, or apply A.I.
Cinema Corso Treviso, the most historic cinema in the city center, supports the technological avant-garde promoted by A.I.A. contributing – as a partner – to enrich the programming related to the
theme. At the multiplex of Corso del Popolo 30, starting from January 2021, there will be some related events, dedicated to children, adults and families with the screening of films on Artificial
Lovat Bookshop supports A.I.A. with books that will allow to deepen the topics discussed online and during the days of the conference. Lovat Bookshop also provides two original exhibitions on
science, its images and the art that takes inspiration from science.
Also Ascopiave, one of the major national players in the energy sector, supports A.I.A.

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