Art’igiani: Anselmi srl hosts Marco Furio Forieri. Friday 19th February

Tomorrow evening starting from 6:30 pm

Events - published on 18 February 2021
Source: CNA Treviso press office
Thursday 18th February 2021.
Fourth LIVE event of Art’igiani.
Anselmi srl, a company based in Roncade and part of the international Simonswerk group, which produces concealed hinge systems for residential interior doors, will host Marco Furio
The Art’igiani exhibition will last until April, involving more than a dozen companies and about fifteen artists.
It is promoted by CNA in collaboration with Teatro del Pane and the ass. La Torre Disegnata “to relaunch the economy and culture of Treviso”.
Professional workers in the performing arts and artisans “lend a hand” to revive entertainment, art and culture in unconventional places such as companies, since theaters, cinemas and clubs have
been closed for almost a year.
Art’igiani, in addition to wanting to be a concrete action of solidarity towards the professional workers of the show, also aims to stimulate artisan companies to use unconventional ways to
communicate their brand and their products and services, learning to creatively seize the opportunities offered by the digital market.
Here the calendar of events:
In 1986 Marco Furio Forieri founds the group Zoo Zabumba, icon of Venetian funk. In 1988 the wind section of Zoo Zabumba (Furio+Roberto Cinese Cafiero) joins the reggae band Pitura Freska.
With this unforgettable Venetian reggae band he has the pleasure to be co-author of some of the most famous songs of the band such as Picinin, Crudele, Papa Nero (brought to Sanremo) and many
others. Essential milestones for Pitura Freska are a platinum disc and three gold discs, a Targa Tenco in 1993 for the song Pin floi.
Since 2002 Forieri has been working with Ska-J, a Venetian group that plays songs in a Ska Jazz key.
In 2016 he decided to release his first solo album Furiology and in 2020 he presented his first strong, cheerful and danceable single: Col bastone.
The official video clip is a parody of the famous cult “A Clockwork Orange” by Kubrick.

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