Art’igiani – CNA Treviso – Live streaming Friday 12th February at 18:30 with Erica Boschiero hosted by two marketing and communication professionals

The live event, the third of a series that will last until April, will last about 30 minutes and will be broadcast live on the social pages of the partners involved

Events - published on 12 February 2021

Source: CNA Treviso press office

Treviso, 11th February 2021 – Art’igiani’s third LIVE STREAMING, Friday 12 February, at 6.30 pm, with a performance by singer and songwriter Erica Boschiero
aimed at a digital-only audience. Erica will offer some of her hits, much loved by her fans, such as “Anita” and “Gane, agane, longane” and previews of her new album “Respira”, which will be
released this spring.

It was a wonderful surprise to discover that this North-Eastern part of Italy, which seems to be all about production, has a big heart – says the singer-songwriter, – and it is the heart
of its craftsmen who have extended their hands to the world of art and entertainment. It’s nice to be able to work as a team to get through this period together, remembering that when all this is
over we can continue to create something that makes sense, in recognition of each other’s roles.

The event, the third in a series that will last until April, involving over a dozen companies and fifteen artists, is promoted by CNA in collaboration with Teatro del Pane and the
association La Torre Disegnata “to relaunch the economy and culture of Treviso”.

Erica Boschiero will be the guest of two communication professionals: photographer Alfonso Lorenzetto and marketing expert Alessandro Bergamin with his brand “Strategia


This year my business is 30 years old – says Alfonso Lorenzetto -. I was born with a camera in my hand and I still love it very much. Photography is certainly important at the
moment of the shot, but its real strength lies in crossing time and restoring the inestimable value of the past, without which there is no present and no future. I feel like a craftsman and an
artist at the same time, so I have always been close to the world of entertainment, culture and art. This pandemic has taught us to restore strength to the values of humanity and solidarity, and
has reminded us that a life worth living is one in which every day we try to improve ourselves and the world.


I am a marketing craftsman and my business is aimed in particular at the world of artisans and micro and small enterprises, including those involved in art and entertainment – explained
Alessandro Bergamin -. Therefore I could not fail to participate in the Art’igiani initiative, which represents the perfect culmination of ten years of work in the service of these
worlds to make them grow and prosper.


Erica Boschiero, a musician and singer-songwriter born in Cadore and now living in Treviso, has won numerous prizes for singer-songwriter music and has been performing for years in Italy and
abroad. In her music there is the search for roots, dialect, ancient legends and folk traditions, combined with a constant observation of the present, social and environmental issues that she tells
in her songs, played live for Emergency, for Amnesty International (at the DOX in Prague for “I Welcome Refugees” and at the Palais Chaillot in Paris for the “Human Rights Defensors World Summit”
in 2018) and on many other occasions of social relevance.

Workhorses: “Anita” and “Gane, agane, longane” and some anticipation of the album to be released this spring “Respira”.


The live broadcast, which will last about 30 minutes, will be transmitted live on the FB pages of CNA Treviso, CNA National, CNA Artistic National, CNA Agroalimentare National, CNA
Veneto, Teatro del Pane, La Torre Disegnata, Oggitreviso, CNA Asolo, CNA Castelfranco, CNA Conegliano, CNA Montebelluna, Erica boschiero.

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