Assocamerestero’s first event with President Pozza. Lectio Magisralis by Prof. Dominick Salvatore at the conference: The World Economy in Metamorphosis. How to Deal with Discontinuity and Continuous Exogenous Shocks

Prof. Salvatore highlighted the performance of the Italian and global economy from a structural point of view

Events - published on 06 December 2022

Source: Press Office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno | Dolomites

Online Lectio Magisralis by Prof. Dominick Salvatore from the Italy – America Chamber of Commerce in NY. President Pozza and President Milani introduced economist Dominick
and introduced Prof. Fred Campano and Prof. Minello.
This was the first event organised by President Mario Pozza in his new role as President of Assocamerestero.
Theme of the talk: THE WORLD ECONOMY IN METAMORPHOSIS. How to deal with discontinuity and continuous exogenous shocks.
Prof. Salvatore highlighted the performance of the Italian and global economy from a structural point of view.
Italy – America Chamber of Commerce NY

“Earlier this month, @iaccnewyork Senior Sustaining and Sustaining members were invited to “The World Economy in Metamorphosis,” an exclusive thought-leadership event that explored the
future of the global economy, as well as the role foreign direct investment in strengthening a new development path.
Thanks to all who attended, as well as to our insightful panelists and the event’s co-organizers:
Assocamerestero, Venice Promex, Unioncamere
Veneto, the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso-Belluno-Dolomiti and Piazza Italia”.
Alberto Milani, President of the IACC

We had in Piazza Italia a Lectio Magistralis from Prof. Dominick Salvatore. A very high level of discussion with lucidity and wit. I would just like to thank all the people who made it
possible. #albertomilanishow
Prof. Alessandro Minello Università Cà Foscari
Organised by the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso-Belluno|Dolomiti, the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce and guests of Piazza Italia, on 44th Street, in a city facing the future! A city
where “everyone is welcome here”…
Special guest (really special) Dominick Salvatore (incomparable cv). A great one!
We listened to the scenarios, international and national, and then proposed a focus on Veneto. Our region is still a model of development, despite many (perhaps too many) difficulties. It
is a place where investing still makes sense, thanks to companies, schools, institutions, associations, families… yes, even thanks to people first!
The competitive advantage lies in the ability to generate shared value, beyond the company but not apart from it.
Together with Dominick Salvatore, we remembered Prof Bresolin whose passing “has left an unbridgeable void” (D.S.).
I am sure, Ferruccio would have been with us, he would have talked about the future as only he knew how. Unforgettable…
I thank President Pozza, President Milani, and all those who worked to ensure that this event had the result we expected. The compliments received are for all of them!
Dr. Renato Chahinian

I was pleased to attend the conference, which was very interesting and full of content.
Prof. Salvatore highlighted the performance of the Italian and global economy from a structural (and not conjunctural, as most commentators are keen to do) point of view, identifying low
productivity as the main factor in our country’s growth difficulties. Prof. Campano expanded on this by pointing out the investments most likely to achieve growth. Prof. Minello, still on
the subject of growth, presented the situation in Veneto, which is certainly better than the Italian average.
These are all important considerations not only for scholars, but also for our production system, which is often hindered by regulations and global market tensions in its pursuit of
Prof. Franco Ascani
My personal appreciation for the Lectio Magistralis of economist Dominick Salvatore for fusing together cultural and academic values, an indispensable strategy for a forward-looking
society. The values of sport benefit from these architectures of depth between culture and academia, indispensable for building paths of meaning capable of constructing new visions and

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