At the World Cup, ice cream dedicated to the Olympics

Under the Tofane, Mig with Triveneto's artisan ice cream makers presented the "Slalom"

Promo - published on 30 January 2024

Source: press office Longarone Fiere Dolomiti

Promoted, appreciated. And already in full Olympic spirit. On the World Cup weekend in Cortina, “Un Gelato per le Olimpiadi” (A Gelato for the Olympics) was the protagonist.

The “Slalom” flavor, an unusual proposal created by ice cream makers Filippo Bano and Elena Stefania Alecu, won everyone over with its spicy accent. It is a gourmet dessert ice cream, strictly artisanal. A raw milk base, a sweet gorgonzola cream and wild pepper. With an enveloping flavor and a – of course – peppery finish, “Slalom” was served in the Tofane lounge area at the finish of the races.

Slalom was inspired by the values and goals of the upcoming 2026 Winter Olympics, as envisioned by the contest hosted by the International Gelato Exhibition and promoted by the Comitato nazionale dei gelatieri artigiani e dai Gelatieri Artigiani Triveneto with Longarone Fiere Dolomiti. Launched in 2023, from here to Milan-Cortina 2026 will find the most representative flavor of the five-ring event.

Cups branded Dolomiti Bellunesi – Because ice cream is Bellunese identity and there is no better promotion than the one made through this “cold dessert” under one of the mountains symbol of the territory, in a competition that represents the pinnacle of the winter sports world – says the president of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti, Michele Dal FarraThe flavors for the Olympics will accompany us until 2026 becoming a sweet mascot for the great event.

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