Ateneo Veneto, YouTube appointments on 2nd and 5th February

Program. Tuesday 2nd February at 5:30 pm Four Ideas on the Origins of Racism; Friday 5th February at 6:00 pm Ibsen and Strindberg: The Envy Scene

Events - published on 01 February 2021

Source: Ateneo Veneto press office

Four Ideas on the Origins of Racism

Tuesday 2nd February at 5:30 pmATENEO VENETO YOUTUBE CHANNEL


Ateneo Veneto, Municipality of Venezia
edited by psychoanalysts SPI members of the Ateneo Veneto P. Campanile, R. Guarnieri, C. Pezzola, A.A. Semi

Four Ideas on the Origins of Racism
Speaker Antonio Alberto Semi, psychoanalyst with training functions part of the Italian Psychoanalytic Society
Introduces Patrizio Campanile, president of Centro Veneto di Psicoanalisi

Why is racism so widespread? asks Antonio Alberto Semi. In this conversation with Patrizio Campanile, the psychoanalyst illustrates some of the psychic mechanisms of each
individual that, when they malfunction, can lead to the elaboration of racist ideas and feelings, in particular by highlighting the human difficulty of thinking about differences.

Under the patronage of the Centro Veneto di Psicoanalisi “G. Sacerdoti”.


Ibsen e Strindberg: la scena dell’invidia

Friday 5th February at 6:00 pmATENEO VENETO YOUTUBE CHANNEL


Ateneo Veneto Theatre
IMPOSSIBILE LETTERS – by and with Paolo Puppa
First monologue
Ibsen and Strindberg: The Envy Scene

Old men and young women, a disturbed relationship

Theatre on stage from the Aula Magna to the Ateneo Veneto YouTube channel.
Paolo Puppa imagines a series of missives between great literary figures of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries and brings them on stage in the form of a monologue preceded by
a historical introduction.
The first of the “Impossible Letters” concerns the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen. Puppa imagines him in 1895, when he is 73 years old, addressing a passionate admirer of his, an
artist-pianist, Hildur Andersen, insisting on receiving photos of him. But he begged her to change her tone and not to proceed with vicious requests, to which he declared himself inadequate,
especially out of respect for his marital ties. In revenge, she calls upon Ibsen’s great rival, the Danish playwright August Strindberg, famous for his amorous resourcefulness and violent
portrayal of the female world.


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