Athletics, Ponzano cross country: San Vendemiano scores a hat trick

Three wins for ATL-Etica in the event that awarded provincial champion jerseys at the municipal park on Via Ruga. As many as 900 registered

Sport - published on 30 January 2024

Source: press office Fidal Treviso

Treviso, Jan. 28, 2024 – Cross country awarded the provincial youth titles: pupils, cadets and boys competed on the lawns of the municipal park in Via Ruga, Paderno di Ponzano, in an event that coincided with the second round of the CSI provincial championship. About 900 participants overall, record numbers for a provincial cross-country. Six individual provincial titles were up for grabs. In the men’s field, top step of the podium for Filippo Cavezzan (ATL-Etica San Vendemiano) among the students, Edoardo Sanson (Atl. Ponzano) among the cadets and Christian Barranca (Us Quinto Mastella) among the boys. At the women’s level, success for Chiara Padoin (ATL-Etica San Vendemiano) among the students, Martina Bianchin (Atl. Ponzano) among the cadets and Marta Gerotto (Trevisatletica) among the girls. To ATL-Etica San Vendemiano in the women’s division and Atletica Ponzano in the men’s division the victory in the club standings. To Atletica Ponzano also the applause for the excellent effort from the organizational point of view. It was the second cross-country race of the Treviso season, after last Sunday’s debut with the regional race in Vittorio Veneto. Next appointment on the meadows on Sunday, February 4, in Galliera Veneta, in the province of Padua, where the 12th Villa Imperiale Cross will be valid as the regional absolute, promotional and masters’ club championship and will define admission to the national finals of the club championship.


Rankings. Men. Fidal provincial championship. Students (2.5 km): 1. Filippo Cavezzan (ATL-Etica San Vendemiano), 2. Davide Furlan (Atl. San Biagio), 3. Vittorio Mizzan (ATL-Etica San Vendemiano). Cadets (1.8 km): 1. Edoardo Sanson (Atl. Ponzano), 2. Gabriele Faganello (ATL-Etica San Vendemiano), 3. Giacomo Fuson (Trevisatletica). Boys (1 km): 1. Christian Barranca (Us Quinto Mastella), 2. Leandro De Nardi (Vittorio Atletica), 3. Pietro Marini (Trevisatletica).


CIS provincial championship. Seniors: 1. Giacomo Esposito (Atl. San Biagio). Juniors: 1. Matteo Barbaran (Atl. San Biagio). Amateurs A: 1. Luca Tonet (Quinto Mastella). Amateurs B: 1. Andrea Tosato (Atl. Quinto Mastella). Veterans A-B: 1. Andrea Inama (Atl. Ponzano). Cadets: 1. Federico Callegari (Usma Padova). Boys: 1. Pietro Pescarolo (Pol. Limena). Rookies: 1. Antonio Vella (Atl. Villorba). Cubs: 1. Marco Zalla (Atl. San Biagio).

Women. Fidal provincial championship. Students (1.8 km): 1. Chiara Padoin (ATL-Etica San Vendemiano), 2. Marianna Uliana (ATL-Etica San Vendemiano), 3. Chiara Lops (ATL-Etica San Vendemiano). Cadets (1.2 km): 1. Martina Bianchin (Atl. Ponzano), 2. Agnese Moret (Atl. Ponzano), 3. Giorgia Milani (Gruppo Atletica Vedelago). Girls (1 km): 1. Marta Gerotto (Trevisatletica), 2. Allegra Marcato (Stiore Treviso), 3. Giulia Pretotto (Nuova Atletica Roncade).


CSI provincial championship. Seniors: 1. Miriam Sartor (Atl. Ponzano). Amateurs A-B: 1. Michela Zanatta (Atl. Ponzano). Veterans A-B: 1. Viorica Hazota (Eurovo Atl. Pieve di Soligo). Students: 1. Martina Frassetto (Trevignano). Cadets: 1. Sofia Poletto (Pol. Limena). Girls: 1. Aurora Figallo (Pol. Limena). Rookies: 1. Adele Annunziata (Atl. Ponzano). Cubs: 1. Bianca Vettori (Atl. Villorba).

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