Awarded the students of the schools of Treviso and Oderzo: Cellulose from apple peels and reusable pizza box

Pezzato: Many notions were transmitted and challenges were launched. The result? Increasingly smart concepts. The students have shown that they have clear ideas: the future must pass through the circular economy and environmental sustainability

Events - published on 22 February 2021
Source: Pk Communication press office
Monday, February 22, 2021.
Distance learning doesn’t stop creativity. Almost 100 students participated in the Creativity Camps organized by Innovation Future School with Istituto Riccati –
of Treviso and Istituto Sansovino of Oderzo. After two months of work, the students challenged each other with ideas during the two days of Creativity Cup on February 6 and
Two months of work in which the students were stimulated by local entrepreneurs, among them Keter Italia, Ascotrade, Maarmo Srl, Mosca Clothing and Radio Wow – says Gianpaolo Pezzato,
president of Innovation Future School -. Many were the notions transmitted and challenges launched. The result? Concepts that are increasingly smarter: the students have shown that they have
clear ideas: the future must pass through the circular economy and environmental sustainability.
Difficult task for the jurors who witnessed the presentation of projects that they had to evaluate based on the ability to expose and originality of the idea. For the Riccati-Luzzatti
, the winning idea was that of the team of Giulia Bolzan, Alessia Amadi and Asja Gobbo from class 4D. “Not Only Peel” is the name of their project that involves the
possibility of creating cellulose using apple peels. The winning team will be awarded the “Fearless Kit” and the chance to speak live on Radio Wow and talk about their experience and idea.
For the Sansovino Institute of Oderzo instead wins the idea of “Pizza Box” by Greta Roman, Alena Saccon and Filippo Maronese. Pizza Box aims to create reusable containers for
the purchase of pizzas to reduce paper waste and protect the environment. Special mentions also for two other teams, the first composed of Daniel Crivat, Nicole Zulian and Gaia Zanardo who
with their “Pet’s trash can” won the special Keter prize. Giulia Pessotto and Nicolò Piccirilli with their project “Hi Energia”, on the other hand, won the special Maarmo
prize, so they will have the opportunity to go to the company and create their own little Maarmo to take home.
The challenge also took place online, with likes on Facebook and Instagram, where the students showed off their poetic skills by summarizing in verse the experience they had during Creativity Camp.
The poem that received the most likes was awarded an Ascotrade prize.
With this initiative – declares Filippo Boraso, general manager of Ascotrade – we had the opportunity to see students engaged in concrete projects, based on reasoning and
programming that evolved with attention to the local, to eco-sustainability and to social issues. We were pleasantly surprised by the high level of the presentations and the professionalism with
which the competition was faced. Examples of this type – continues Boraso – give us the opportunity to understand how the new generations are naturally sensitive to environmental
issues in general, with an awareness and level of preparation adequate to put into practice the achievement of the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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