Becoming App Creators at high school: from Assindustria Venetocentro and Club Bit a Project Work for future digital managers. Here is the list of winners

Project work Information technology and project management promoted by Club BIT of Assindustria Venetocentro

Events - published on 07 June 2021
Source: Assindustria Venetocentro press office
Nalini: Digital skills are increasingly strategic in the study and professional path of young people.
Fedalto: The success of a project does not depend only on software but also on teamwork.
Padova-Treviso – June, 4 2021- Becoming business app developers already in high school. This is the experience of 54 students from Padua and Treviso thanks to the Information
technology and project management project promoted by the BIT Club of Assindustria Venetocentro through a project work on an IT project.
The students of classes 4F and 5F of the Liceo Scientifico Curiel in Padua and classes 4B, 4GL, 4M of the Liceo Scientifico Da Vinci in Treviso were assigned as a “reality task” the creation
of an app capable of delivering video courses to company staff, through an educational-experiential path consistent with the objectives of the school-work alternation (Pcto) and the address in
applied sciences of the two high schools. The project took place from October to March for a total of 30 hours, with the active involvement of students, training in project management, the
use of computer skills, the development of soft skills through the simulation of a typical work context.
With the remote tutoring of six IT managers, the students proposed 6 apps, experimenting with the drafting of project charts, project management, time and cost estimation, demos.
Among these, the most creative, innovative and functional projects were selected.
The winner of the Creativity Award was the team from the Liceo Da Vinci of Treviso formed by Giacomo Lucherini, Andrea Baldassin, Riccardo Biscaro, Francesco Bredariol, Edoardo
Cinquini,Veronica De Rossi, Giorgia Spigariol, Massimo Tosello, Sofia Vercelli.
The winner of the Professionalism Award was the team from the Liceo Curiel of Padua with Giulia Cortelazzo, Giulio Cavinato, Gianmarco Da Molin, Freddy Ebaba, Lorenzo Gallo, Simone
Pietrogrande, Alessandro Rotondo.
Two Special Mentions were awarded for the best Demo: to the Treviso team of Pietro Pozzobon, Margherita Bonan, Giulia Daniel, Paolo Buso, Federico De Rocco, Marco Libralato, Camillo
Cars, Davide Ciotti, Filippo Corradi; and to the Padua high school team formed by Leonardo Bilato, Andrea Precoma, Francesco Mazzucato, Angela Lucietto, Davide Pallaro, Tommaso Canella.
The Club BIT of Assindustria Venetocentro, a community of IT managers of manufacturing companies, promoted the course with the aim of increasing, through training, comparison and sharing
opportunities, the network of IT knowledge in the companies of the territory, with a constant collaboration with the world of school. A reality that, born in Treviso in 1994, has expanded to Padua
and other provinces.
The award ceremony took place a few days ago during a meeting organized by Assindustria Venetocentro with the participation of Francesco Nalini, Assindustria Venetocentro delegate
councilor for Education, Alberto Fedalto, President of Club BIT, and school directors Michela Bertazzo of the Liceo Curiel and Mario Dalle Carbonare of the Liceo Da Vinci.
The proclamation was an opportunity to deepen the themes of digitallearning with the testimonies of Filippo Baretta of Skilla, one of the top 30 international companies of digital learning
in Europe, Marianna Marcuzzo of Smile to Move, a Treviso-based company specializing in corporate training courses for the improvement of sales results, Alberto Mercurio of UNIS&F,
training agency of Assindustria Venetocentro.
The students presented their project work and waited for the jury’s verdict, followed by teachers Alessandra Mojo and Alberto Ucci (Liceo Da Vinci) and Luigi De Pizzol (Liceo
The jury of BIT Club tutors, composed of Gianluca Nardin of CarelIndustries, Patrizia Lauricella of Crocco, Andrea Mattiuzzo of Galdi, Alberto Conz of Mazzonetto,
Luca Busatto of Proced and Alberto Fedalto of Volteco, evaluated the correspondence between the work and the technical specifications assigned.
Digital skills are increasingly strategic for the inclusion and professional growth in any work context – said Francesco Nalini -. With this project, the young people have
experienced how digital learning, which they have been experiencing with Dad for 14 months, is particularly used by companies, putting themselves to the test with a learning method that combines
the necessary theoretical preparation with knowledge of concrete business experiences to train technical and transversal skills. Organizational skills, listening and mediation, respect for roles
and time, concentration on results, skills that will be a fundamental baggage in their study and professional career after the school or university desks.
The project work gives students the opportunity to better understand the wide perimeter that surrounds an IT project – said Alberto Fedalto – especially in a historical period
like this, where companies are undergoing a strong cultural, technological and organizational change, related to digital transformation. This experience helps them to understand that the success
of the project is not only given by the good functioning of the software, but also by the teamwork, the understanding of the client’s requests and of the application context, the correct
evaluation of time and costs. The students, starting from a real business need, are encouraged to adopt a start-up approach, to develop something innovative thanks to new digital

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