Belluno: treasure trove of green enterprises in an economically dynamic area

Find out how companies in Belluno combine impressive turnovers with a tangible commitment to ecological transition in a sensitive mountain environment

Economy - published on 22 March 2024

Source: Giada Gubert intern at the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso-Belluno|Dolomites

The province of Belluno, with its 18,079 active local units and 78,824 employees, proves to be an economically dynamic area full of opportunities. The entrepreneurial landscape is characterised by a strong presence of micro and small enterprises operating in a variety of sectors, flanked by large enterprises with significant turnovers.

In particular, according to data published by the Study and Statistics Office of the Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce on business demographics in the province, the drivers of the Belluno economy are trade, services and manufacturing. In fact, analysing the 2023 data, it emerges that the trade sector is the most relevant sector in terms of local units (22.3%), followed by business services (18.6%) and construction (14.2%). The manufacturing industry, although only in fifth place in terms of local units (11.5%), plays a major role in the local economy, employing 36.5% of the total workforce.

Belluno enterprises: protagonists of the green economy

In a mountainous context such as that of Belluno, sensitivity to environmental protection is an element of essential importance. In fact, companies in the area are actively engaging in the green economy, adopting sustainable production and management models that include:

  • Development of energy-efficient solutions for air conditioning, heat pumps and refrigeration, with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Design and construction of state-of-the-art production facilities with reduced energy consumption.
  • Use of recyclable materials and intelligent production systems to optimise the use of resources.
  • Investment in photovoltaic and wind power plants for clean energy production.
  • Development of new solutions for electric mobility and energy efficiency in buildings.

Doing business in the mountains: a winning combination

The beauty and fragility of the mountain environment make the commitment of companies to sustainability even more important. Belluno companies demonstrate that it is possible to do business successfully in the mountains, combining economic development and respect for the environment.

Attention to sustainability represents an added value for Belluno companies, which can thus compete on the global market with an innovative and responsible proposal. The green economy represents a keystone for the future development of the Belluno territory, opening up new opportunities for growth and employment.

The ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) ratings of Belluno companies are further confirmation of their commitment to sustainability. ESG rating agencies assess companies’ performance on the basis of environmental, social and governance criteria, assigning a score that represents their level of sustainability. In this context, Belluno companies, with their commitment to the green economy, are well positioned to achieve a satisfactory ESG rating.

Although there is still much work to be done to improve these aspects of business management, the efforts of Belluno companies towards green transition certainly make them more competitive on the market and attractive to investors and stakeholders seeking sustainable investments. For a more in-depth look at sustainable investments in Treviso and Belluno, see Renato Chahinian’s column “Sustainability and Innovation”.

In conclusion, the province of Belluno confirms itself as an economically lively and forward-looking territory, where even companies with significant turnovers have found fertile ground for their growth. The Belluno companies, with their commitment to sustainability, are a virtuous example of how it is possible to do business responsibly and innovatively, making the most of the peculiarities of the mountain territory.

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