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President Pozza: 2021 better than expected, there has been a recovery. In 2022 the nightmare of price increases and tax deadlines.

Events - published on 21 December 2021
Source: press office Chamber of Commerce Treviso – Belluno | Dolomites
On the afternoon of Monday 20 December, the institutions’ greetings party was held at the Chamber of Commerce in Treviso and online. A now traditional appointment.
Present were the Prefect Maria Rosaria Laganà, the President of the CCIAA Treviso-Belluno Mario Pozza, the Deputy Mayor of Treviso Andrea de Checchi, the provincial heads of
law enforcement, the President of the Province, the Bishop, representatives of many municipalities and trade associations.
2021 went better than expected, now the recovery must continue. – affirms president Pozza – From exports to production: the plant utilisation rate is on average 73%, which means
that work has been done.
Our entrepreneurs are good and capable, the numbers speak for themselves, Treviso has been able to recover and, in some sectors, has even exceeded the levels of 2019, before the pandemic. This
gives us hope.
The president also pointed out possible obstacles in 2022 due to increases in raw materials and energy and tax deadlines. Tax obligations extended due to the pandemic but due to expire
around the middle of next year. – Our entrepreneurs cannot cope alone, the government must take action.
Other speeches focused on the ability of local representative associations and institutions to work together synergistically throughout the year.
Prefect Maria Rosaria Laganà concluded by pointing out how the Marca had managed to cope with the pandemic situation while containing possible social tensions – Thanks to the vaccine,
we are better off than last year. The festivities must be lived with serenity, but also with awareness.

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