Business demography in the provinces of Treviso and Belluno as at 30.06.2022

Data from the Treviso and Belluno economies on business demographics and commentary by President Mario Pozza

Economy - published on 21 July 2022
Source: press office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso Belluno|Dolomiti
Compared to last March, the number of business branches is growing both in Treviso (+360) and Belluno (+54), but the comparison with June 2021 shows us a diverging situation: they are growing in
Treviso (+422) and decreasing in Belluno (-47). It is mainly the building sector that sustains the growth trend. On the other hand, both in the Treviso and Belluno areas, the trade and restaurant
sectors continue to suffer, while accommodation activities remain more than positive.
President Mario Pozza’s comment
We have to look at the data on business demographics with a double focus – comments Chamber of Commerce President Mario Pozza. On the one hand, we still have the Ecobonus 110%
effect, which supports the growth of businesses in construction and real estate agencies. The phenomenon affects Treviso more than Belluno. In one year in the Marca there are +271 construction
companies; almost +500 since June 2019, before the pandemic. A growth that risks being abnormal – the President bluntly concludes – which goes beyond the production capacity rooted in the
territory and which in perspective becomes an element of fragility, when the incentives cease.
On the other hand, the trade sector continues to suffer – the President continues – as much in Treviso as in Belluno: in the Marca, on an annual basis, 63 companies operating in wholesale
trade and 77 in retail trade have been lost. Since June 2019, the trade sector has lost 577 companies overall. Similar trend in the province of Belluno: -14 companies operating in wholesale trade
on an annual basis, -35 retail trade businesses, which rises to -100 when considering the three-year period June 2019-June 2022.
The trend of companies in manufacturing also deserves attention: there is some small recovery on a quarterly basis – the President points out – which concerns wood-furnishing in Belluno
and metalworking in Treviso. But on an annual basis Belluno loses 38 companies (-85 from June 2019), Treviso loses 14 (-252 from June 2019), mainly concentrated in wood-furniture and the fashion
Accommodation and catering – continues Pozza – is a sector that is coming out of a very black period due to Covid. On a quarterly basis, thanks to the restart of tourist flows,
there are signs of liveliness in the entrepreneurial base, for both sectors. On a yearly basis, instead, only hospitality holds (+21 enterprises in Belluno, +6 in Treviso), while catering remains
in negative balance (-13 enterprises in Belluno, -59 in Treviso).
And we are talking about a part of the year that has still benefited from the rebound of the economy during 2021. In September, – warns the President – a concatenation of factors linked
to the war, rising energy costs, inflation, and the long-term effects of a pandemic still around us will come further to the surface: factors that, if not mitigated by appropriate measures, will
weigh heavily on the propensity to consume and invest. The trend in raw materials is already suffering from abrupt slowdowns: the transition from slowdown (perhaps useful to calm inflation) to
recession is very short. And if we face the situation without a government, we will be even more at the mercy of events.

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