“Camminare per la vita”: Sunday 18th September the event in Treviso

Sixth edition of the event to help sick children, with many other news

Events - published on 08 September 2022

Source: Press Office Camminareperlavita
VI edition of the event in Treviso to raise awareness and funds to support paediatric care, assistance and research projects.
Camminare per la Vita” on 18th September in Treviso the event returns to help sick children
Many new features are planned: music on the route and in the park, yoga courses, painting workshops also for adults, in-line skating and free vision screening.
The countdown has begun and there is fervent anticipation for the sixth edition of Camminare per la Vita, scheduled for Sunday 18 September at Sant’Artemio Park (Province of Treviso
headquarters) starting at 8.00 am.
There is a lot of curiosity about the novelties of the event, which continues to amaze for its ability to renew itself and involve people, partly anticipated on social networks and in detail
illustrated during the press conference held today (8 September) at the headquarters of the Province of Treviso in the presence of the Mayor of the City and the President of the Province.
Conceived as an opportunity and an invitation to exercise and adopt healthy lifestyle habits, Camminare per la vita today is also an opportunity to travel among the peculiarities of the Treviso
area and a chance to try your hand at new motor and creative activities, in a context of sharing and welcoming.
Free departure from 9.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. for the walk along the two new routes of 4 and 10 km (freely accessible) that on Sunday will lead participants, under the watchful eye of more than 60
volunteers, to discover the Storga Woods, the Church of the Madonnetta, the former brush factory (both routes), Aeolus Park, Martini Belfiore Square, Fountain with Satyr, Ivy Cinema, Villa
Margherita Park and Wheel Fountain (long route).
Inside the Villa Margherita Park, walkers will be welcomed by the music of the Banda Gagno di Villorba (whose orchestral formation of over 40 elements will perform a truly original repertoire),
while in the Oratory of the Church of Santa Maria del Rovere participants will listen to the jazz notes of the band Jellow Devils.
At the end of the walk in the Parco della Provincia, it will be possible to have lunch with a picnic basket (bookable on site from 8.00 a.m.) or with lunch brought from home, and to take part in
the various activities offered: from yoga classes to painting workshops also for adults, from in-line skating to activities for children dedicated to discovering nature. There will even be free
visual screening by specialised opticians. Also confirmed is the presence of the break corner with coffee and croissants and the ice cream break along the route and in the park. People will be
able to relax accompanied by the notes of live music spread by young students, who will be present in small formations in the Parco della Provincia from 11.30 am.
In short, curiosity and expectations nurtured for this sixth edition of Camminare per la vita will not be disappointed next Sunday, 18 September.
Also confirmed are the charitable aims of the event, whose donations will continue to mainly support the paediatric research and care projects of Fondazione Città della Speranza Onlus, to
which will be added the donations in favour of two local assistance and inclusion projects chosen by CPLV for the 2022 edition, one run by the Fattibillimo Association of Mogliano Veneto
and the other by the Abilmente Insieme Association of Ponzano Veneto.
More than 181.000 euros have been donated in total over five editions of CPLV (157.000 of which have been earmarked for the research project on the treatment of neonatal congenital diaphragmatic
hernia), as the budgets published each year on the website www.camminareperlavita.it attest. This important figure is the result of
the organisers’ precise choice (they work for free like all other volunteers) to donate both the entire contribution paid for the registration fee (euro 7 for participation and euro 12 for
participation with an event t-shirt) and what has been collected from supporting companies and private donors who each year choose to support the aims indicated by Camminare per la vita.
For further information, see www.camminareperlavita.it
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