Carabinieri – raid on a textile workshop run by Chinese citizens: about forty workers found, almost all of them not in compliance, owner reported, fines of almost 140,000 euro|16/11/2021

Promo - published on 17 November 2021
Source: press office Comando Provinciale Carabinieri Treviso
Treviso, 16th November 2021 – In the last few hours, as a result of a joint control at the headquarters of a company operating in the field of processing and packaging of textiles located in
Altivole (TV), Carabinieri of the Company of Castelfranco Veneto with colleagues from the Labour Inspectorate Unit of Treviso have challenged the owner, a 39 year old Chinese, a series of
significant violations of labour and social security legislation
, namely, Art. 4 of Law 300/1970, for having installed cameras in the workplace without prior notification to the competent
(cameras and control monitors were in operation, at the time of the raid by the soldiers of the Arma, both inside the factory and in the room used as an office), Art. 45 of Leg. 81/2008,
for not having made available to employees the required medical devices, Art. 37 of Legislative Decree 81/2008, for not having provided general and specific training for employees,
Art. 18 of Legislative Decree 81/2008 for not having given employees the required personal protective equipment and Art. 3 of Legislative Decree 151 /2015, for employing 33 workers, 28 of
(25 Chinese, two Nigerians, a Gambian working at workstations while making parts of clothing, i.e. sweaters, t-shirts and sweatshirts, and a woman from Treviso with clerical duties) did
not comply with the hiring regulations
It is precisely the use of staff without prior notification of the establishment of the employment relationship in excess of 10 % of the total number of workers present and the serious violations
of health and safety at work that led to the suspension of the business activity.
In addition, fines totalling EUR 16,700 and administrative sanctions totalling approximately EUR 123,000 were imposed, while the position of the owner was investigated by the Judicial Authority.

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