CartaCarbone “Autobiografia & Dintorni” – Saturday 18 September, 11:00 a.m.

At the Conference Hall of Ca' dei Carraresi, presentation of the programme of the 8th edition - Landscapes

Events - published on 15 September 2021
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Treviso, Tuesday 7th September 2021 – Saturday 18th September at 11 a.m., at the Conference Room of Ca’ dei Carraresi, the presentation of the programme of the 2021 edition of
CartaCarbone Festival
Autobiografia & Dintorni” will be held, with many new features.
A warp in nature for the eighth edition of the festival: like the network of roots and filaments that criss-cross the forests, this year the theme “Landscapes” weaves heterogeneous sowings
on the same field. By crossing assonances learnt from Mother Nature, thanks to the linguistic vigour that declines the acronym of interconnections, www (world wide web), in the world wide web – as
scientists call the wide network of the forest that cooperates for a better survival – man approaches that place where observation becomes collection. In this network of underground and aerial
connections, CartaCarbone is ready to reveal the themes that link the poetic and scientific perspectives, and proposes an innovative conjunction.
The landscape and the words that narrate it are a pluriform reflection of being. The experience of observation and linguistic flow translates into a continuous perceptive stimulus that the brain
structures into a multiplicity of pieces, giving life to the personal story. We are narrating beings, taking care of ourselves and the world is a virtuous action that makes a country, makes culture
and history. It makes Man and Society.
This is the direction in which “Paesaggi” will be looking, exploring the fertile and extremely subtle poetry of Andrea Zanzotto – to whom the entire Poetry section is dedicated – as well as
narrative and dealing with some scientific ideas concerning cognitivism and artificial intelligence, in the light of which language, communication and our way of experiencing reality concretely and
virtually, but also of telling and narrating ourselves, are now being studied.
In this edition, we will witness an intersection of thematic planes investigating physical and mental spaces, concrete places but also the ineffable, such as those in which thought and the psyche
dwell, pregnant nodes in Zanzotto, forerunner of expressive modes and themes that made him a protagonist of universal literature in the 20th century. His unparalleled verbal pyrotechnics
reveal a profound vocation for exploration, for the investigation of the meaning of existence, for the incessant creative tension that distils his kernel of suffering. It also reveals the momentary
enthusiasm and dedication and trust for the landscape – the host of human doing – and for the word, the translation and nourishment of its ‘fiery psychic force’.
The relationship between mind and brain is a subject that lies at the heart of cognitive science, from which issues concerning artificial intelligence developed with exponential interest in the
1950s. CartaCarbone participates in the flow of investigations into these stimulating topics, and during the four days of the eighth edition – from 14 to 17 October – there will be an installation
and projections that will give the public an immersive experience that can be experienced at the Loggia dei Cavalieri. We hope that this edition will also symbolise a rebirth and a curious and
confident look to the future, through the contribution of the large number of guests, narrators, autobiographers, artists who will tell us about their experiences and their mental and creative
landscape through their works.
On 19 September at 6 p.m., the third pre-festival event will take place in collaboration with the Casetta delle Fate di Salgareda: “Celestino, un’infanzia quasi felice” by Francesco
. A tiny but significant cross-section of a town (but not only) in the Veneto Region in the early 1960s, seen through the eyes of a child, born in the city but for long periods of time
living, with his sister, in the countryside with his grandparents.
CartaCarbone 2021 is in continuity with the programme of events to be held in Pieve di Soligo – the birthplace of Andrea Zanzotto, who will pay homage to the poet on 25 September and then
the Conference on 9 and 10 October – and with those organised by the AZ100 National Committee. We are proud to have with us the sponsors who have believed and believe in CartaCarbone since the
first edition, and we gratefully welcome the new supporters.
New sponsorships have been added to the festival: the Unesco Dolomites Foundation, the National Committee for the Centenary of the Birth of Andrea Zanzotto, the Municipality of Pieve di
Soligo, the Benetton Foundation, and above all the Cassamarca Foundation, where almost all the events dedicated to Andrea Zanzotto will take place in collaboration. It continues the
prestigious collaboration born in 2019 with the National Diary Archive of Pieve Santo Stefano since 1984 “City of the diary”. After the press conference, a welcome toast will be offered by the
main sponsor Vi.V.O.
Cantine – Vigna Dogarina.
The programme will be available on the CartaCarbone website – – and it will be possible to book events

The details and novelties of the eighth edition will be exposed on 18 September, during the event.

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