CartaCarbone Festival – The winners of the Landscape/Passage Art Competition

On the initiative of the associations "Nina Vola" of Treviso and REM Ricerca Esperienza Memoria of Adria, Landscape/Passage Art Contest, promoted by CartaCarbone

Events - published on 28 September 2021
Source: press office CartaCarbone Festival
Art Contest
CartaCarbone Autobiography & Surroundings 2021
8th Edition from 14 to 17 October
Waiting for the opening of the eighth edition of CartaCarbone – fixed for Thursday 14th October at 6 p.m. at the Conference Hall of Ca’ dei Carraresi, which will start the four days of
festival dedicated to the theme “Landscapes” – we announce the names of the nine winners of the Art Contest “Landscape/Passage”, promoted by CartaCarbone on the initiative of the Associations
Nina Volaof Treviso and REM Ricerca Esperienza Memoria of Adria.
Almost 150 participants took part in the competition, including 49 finalists whose works were collected in an anthology published by Apogeo Editore.
The theme of the competition was to tell the story of the landscape, understood as a scenario and as a passage, crossing, and as a place of transformations. Local landscapes, on a European
or global scale, in their physical aspects – natural or man-made – artificial or as places of the soul.
They were selected by a jury made up of Paola Bellin, Antonio G. Bortoluzzi, Annalisa Bruni, Monica Conserotti, Diego Crivellari, Sandro Marchioro, Luca
, Daniela Rossi, Silvia Salvagnini, Monica Scarpari and Luigi Tiriticco. Bruna Graziani, artistic director of CartaCarbone Festival, Elena
, president of REM association, and Paolo Spinello, secretary, also took part.
These were the main features of the competition in its three sections. Participants had to submit a short story in Italian of a maximum of 12,000 characters on the theme “Landscape / Passage”, with
freedom of style and expressive technique. Poetry could be submitted in no more than 35 lines and the use of dialects was permitted. The photographic work could consist of one to ten photographs
accompanied by a short descriptive text.
The finalist works were assessed by a popular jury of 30 readers and photography enthusiasts who voted for one work in each section. From the preferences expressed, a ranking emerged that awarded
the following prizes:
Short story section: first prize to “Quelli che partono” by Eloisa Torresini, second prize to the short story “Troppa vita” by Lidia Bianchini, third prize to the short story “Se a
Macugnaga ci fosse il mare” by Beniamino Rosa. Poetry section: first prize to “Se non” by Alessia Giovanna Matrisciano, second prize to the poem “Un’isola di pace” by Marco
, third prize to the poem “Il battito dei ricordi” by Laura Giacomel. Photography section: first prize to “Lungo fiume” by Arnaldo Agugiaro, second prize to the work
“Percorsi” by Paola Cominato, third prize to the work “Sguardo sul Pian di Castelluccio” by Alessandro Girardi.
The prize-giving ceremony is scheduled for Sunday 17 October at 12.00 in Treviso at the Loggia dei Cavalieri during the CartaCarbone Festival.
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