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As part of the promotion of cooperation and business relations between Italy and Israel, companies have the opportunity to participate and benefit from the funds made available through the 'Export Funds' project tenders.

Events - published on 07 July 2023

Source: Israel-Italy Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Here are the upcoming events in Israel:

Agritech Israel 2023: a networking event and joint venture opportunities in the field of innovation in the agricultural sector. The Chamber is organising a trade delegation to attend this event and conduct B2B meetings. Highly relevant topics such as food safety, precision agriculture and cultivation technologies in controlled environments will be addressed (Agritech Israel 2023);

PLANETech World 2023The Climate Tech Conference in Israel: an unmissable opportunity to discover the latest technological innovations, along with the latest climate trends, through debates, scientific presentations and demonstrations of cutting-edge projects (PLANETech World 2023);

Women in Business Tech-Tour: a tour focusing on building professional skills for women in the technology sector. Meetings with industry experts, mentoring, interactive workshops and networking sessions will help create an environment conducive to professional growth (Women in Business Tech-Tour);

Italian Cuisine Week around the World: a series of events celebrating the excellence of Italian gastronomy, with the participation of leading agri-food companies, Italian and Israeli chefs, culinary workshops and tastings (Italian Cuisine Week around the World);

Israel Real Estate-Nadlan City Conference: a unique opportunity for real estate and construction sector operators to meet and exchange ideas, addressing important issues through dialogues, discussion panels and B2B meetings (Israel Real Estate-Nadlan City)


For any information, please do not hesitate to contact the Israel-Italy Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Twitter: @IsraelItaly

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