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President Pozza: "I address my invitation to young people to look at the excellence of our companies in Veneto"

Economy - published on 29 December 2022

Source: Press Office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno | Dolomites

POZZA: I address my invitation to young people to look at the excellence of our companies in Veneto that are strongly oriented towards foreign markets and offer great
opportunities in all areas for international professional growth.

In the Region, between January and November 2022, the employment pool of open-ended contracts expanded +37,200. An important response from our companies.

Treviso, 27 December 2022. The comment of President Mario Pozza

The balance of the labour market for 2022 closes less badly than expected, considering the scenarios we have around us – states the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso –
Belluno|Dolomites Mario Pozza
. – My invitation to young people, also in my role as President of Assocamerestero, is to look at the excellence of our companies in Veneto and the
great opportunities they offer in all areas of work. The vocation to export trains internationally recognised professionals in Veneto.

Here are the actual data from Veneto Lavoro for the first 11 months and the forecasts we obtain from our Unioncamere-Excelsior system for the last part of the year, – Pozza explains. –
The demand for work, so far there has been, even higher than in 2019, the pre-pandemic period. And we see from Excelsior that the demand for tourism-related work in particular is starting up
again, especially in Belluno, but also to some extent in Treviso.

More fears are gathering in the first months of 2023: asked to companies about their hiring plans until February 2023, the Excelsior survey reveals a possible slowdown in labour demand in
industry. In Belluno the gap could be small, compared to the outlook of a year ago; but in Treviso the expected lower income is estimated around 6,000 units, of which almost 4,800 in

There are still unresolved issues related to the difficulty in finding certain figures, which our Chamber of Commerce is doing everything possible to alleviate: for example, by favouring the
employment of young recent graduates in our companies, co-financing internships; or by providing scholarships to attend the ITS courses set up in our provinces, which provide the technicians that
our companies need.

We also cite the Veneto Lavoro data, – President Pozza concludes, – because not only do they allow us to integrate the Excelsior forecasts with the real trends in the labour
market, but because their analysis by contract continues to show how the employment pool of open-ended contracts is expanding (+37,200 at regional level between January and November 2022) through
the stabilisation of apprenticeship or fixed-term contracts. This is an important response from our companies, which in these complex times do not let resources slip away once their skills have
been tested.

Young Italians employed in Italian companies, especially those in the Veneto Region, which are strongly export-oriented, – emphasises Tecnica Group President Alberto Zanatta, –
are fundamental bridges to foster the internationalisation of companies and favour the Italian economy, strengthening the lever of innovation. International markets look to Made in Italy in the
knowledge that the value lies in the human resources that make it unique.

A substantially positive employment balance for 2022

Combining the actual Veneto Lavoro data on employment, available up to November 2022, and the private companies’ hiring plans for December, based on the usual monitoring carried out through the
Excelsior-Unioncamere survey, it is safe to say that 2022 will close with a substantial resilience of the labour market, despite the adverse scenarios.

In Veneto – according to what can be read in the latest issue of “Bussola” published by Veneto Lavoro (December 2022) – in the first eleven months of 2022 the balance between hirings
and terminations is confirmed to be a little lower than in 2021 but better than in 2019: between January and November there are +42,400 job positions, they were +38,900 before the pandemic. The
number of hirings exceeds that of previous years; the 582,200 contracts signed in the eleven months exceeded those of the year before by +15%.

The employment balance in the province of Treviso also shows the same trend: in the first 11 months of 2022 there were +6,580 job positions, a lower balance than in 2021 +7,980, but better
than in 2019. There is no shortage of demand: in the period considered, there were 82,600 hirings in the Treviso Marca, compared to about 75,100 last year and about 77,000 in 2019. Demand that is
also projected for December, according to Excelsior, a period in which companies expect a further 4,500 hirings, a figure fairly in line with last year’s forecasts (the difference is -930
hirings). A significant slowdown in the demand for labour in Treviso could, if anything, concern the first months of 2023: the entries expected by companies for the Dec22-Feb23 quarter amount to
20,380, almost 6,000 less than the forecasts collected last year for the same timeframe.

In the province of Belluno, an area with a strong vocation for tourism, the employment balances calculated at this time of the year do not have a particular significance, because they are
affected by two factors: the end of the summer season and the not-yet-restarted winter season; and the absence of a solid term of comparison, considering how the pandemic has disrupted tourism
trends over the past two years. It is preferable to look at real recruitment – we refer again to Veneto Lavoro data – which in the first 11 months of 2022 totalled 21,300, significantly higher
than both the previous year and the pre-pandemic situation. An upturn in the Belluno labour market that will also continue in the coming months: in December about 3,300 entries are expected (+300
compared to the indications gathered at the time for December 2021); while in the Dec22-Feb23 quarter almost 7,000 entries are expected, with a negligible gap (-90) compared to the forecasts of a
year ago, which nevertheless seems to conceal a divergent trend in labour demand between industry and services.

Sectors and professions supporting demand

The restart of the demand for work in Belluno is supported, as one might expect, by the tourism industry: this sector polarises more than half of the expected entries for the month of
December, mainly cooks and waiters, but also customer receptionists. For cooks and waiters, the difficulty of finding them exceeds 65% of the requests, due in particular to the lack of
candidates. A long-standing issue, which – particularly after the pandemic – seems to be related to the planning of companies, to how far in advance they define their recruitment plans: not easy
given the period, with energy costs that dissuade them from imagining prolonged openings of establishments, outside of seasonal peaks.

In the recruitment forecasts looking up to February 2023, the mechanical engineering industry also plays a significant role, polarising almost 20 per cent of the expected entries in the period

In Treviso, the sectors supporting demand in December are trade, accommodation and food services, mechanics, personal services, and the wood-furniture industry. More than 43% of the
requests concern specialised workers, particularly in mechanics (750 expected entries), construction (240), wood-furniture (230), the food industry (160), and the fashion system (150). The demand
for cooks, waiters, shop assistants and receptionists is also sustained in the Marca, considering the Christmas period, with a total of 720 entries expected. In the area of technical professions,
920 entries are expected (20% of the total), in particular technicians in the IT and engineering fields, administrative and commercial technicians. The difficulty of finding these figures exceeds
60% (6 out of 10 requests risk remaining unfilled not only due to a shortage of candidates, but also due to mismatches in the skills possessed by candidates).

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