Chamber of Commerce Digital Showcases available to businesses for free promotion

The digital initiative of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso-Belluno to promote local companies has been expanded.

Promo - published on 19 July 2021
Source: presidential press office of Treviso Belluno|Dolomiti Chamber of Commerce
Treviso, 17 July 2021. It is a project to promote the businesses of Treviso and Belluno that has immediately made the showcases of the Chamber of Commerce even more significant. For
several years, in fact, we have been hosting companies free of charge to display their products and services in the exhibition spaces of the Chamber’s headquarters in Treviso, – says President
Pozza. – I have always wanted a dialogue with companies and this has happened thanks to the trade associations that have shared this service with their members. A direct dialogue of
knowledge has been created with companies, which are followed and supported in their expositions. I would like to emphasise that this is a service aimed at all businesses in Treviso and Belluno, to
which we have dedicated a permanent virtual showcase on the portal since 2002.
With the inauguration of the new Chamber of Commerce counters in Via Fiumicelli in Treviso, we have extended this display opportunity with the “Digital Showcases” service. We have
invested by applying two monitors where the beautiful presentations of the companies that have decided to be part of this important promotional activity are displayed.
The service, which is completely free of charge, allows interested companies to present their video accompanied by images and short presentation texts on the monitors, with wide
visibility to all passers-by, without interruption for 24 hours a day and with an exposure period of 4 months.
The initiative has developed into “Vetrine Digitali come finestra aperta sul mondo” (Digital Showcases as an open window on the world), with an activity that has seen the presentations
enriched with sound effects and English translation for subsequent diffusion on the web, through the Youtube channel and other Chamber social networks with dedicated promotional
posts. In addition, participating companies were included in the special section of the portal.
Promotion of the project took place in close collaboration with the trade associations in the area that took part, which identified the companies selected for the exhibition. The invitation
was enthusiastically accepted and today 36 companies are exhibiting their presentations on the monitors in Via Fiumicelli and disseminating them through the Chamber’s portals and social networks.
Subsequent rounds will take place at regular intervals of 4 months, allowing new companies to use the service free of charge and to benefit from the visibility it guarantees, both at the Treviso
headquarters and in the social world.

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