Christmas 2021: President’s greetings

Merry Christmas to all and a wish for a new year that will meet our expectations.

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Dear users of the Trevisobellunosystem network,
it is a great pleasure for me to be able to wish you Christmas personally.
Digital technology also allows us to do this, and in these two years it has been an important ally for us, giving us the possibility to continue working together and never interrupting the
dialogue with all of you.
This dialogue has enabled us to listen and to respond to the new needs that have emerged in this world, which is bringing us major challenges, but which we have been able to overcome and which
we will be able to meet.
Digital dialogue has enabled us to plan real encounters, as were the stages of the Loyalty to Work and Economic Progress ceremony, where I was able to meet you, listen to the stories of your
businesses and families, as well as the privilege of awarding many of you.
So were the awards to schools, the meetings in companies, the dialogue with entrepreneurs in institutions to plan new goals.
We are already planning projects, also thanks to listening to your needs, to create an economic system favoured by good competitiveness.
To all those who have not yet approached the Chamber system, I warmly invite you to take a look at the opportunities we offer every day.
There is a common project that we call “Generation 2026” aimed at young people to build together the Olympic spirit looking at Milan – Cortina 2026.
Merry Christmas to all and a wish for a new year that will meet our expectations.
Mario Pozza

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