CIMBA Open Day on Thursday, March 4. The story of an MBA that transforms people into leaders

Virtual Open Day of the MBA Program for the year 2021/2022 at 6:00 pm

Events - published on 02 March 2021

Source: CIMBA press office

Tuesday 2nd March 2021.
CIMBA‘s was the first MBA to have dedicated a specific module to Leadership and Personal Development. This happened 30 YEARS AGO, in 1991, when a consortium of American
universities decided to offer their MBA in Italy to American students and young people from all over the world. From that moment, gathered in a Campus on the slopes of the Dolomites, edition
after edition, women and men became part of the CIMBA Family. They have studied driven by the desire to learn, overcome new challenges, and then go on to cover crucial roles in multinational
companies, become innovators or successful entrepreneurs.
Today, the AACBS-accredited Cimba MBA continues to be an international standard of excellence.
Statistics bear these words out: 98% of those who have attended the CIMBA MBA, in fact find a job within six months in the desired position. This is undoubtedly due to the technical skills
learned during the business courses, taught by lecturers with proven international experience, but also – and above all – to the innovations of its founder, Dr. Al H Ringleb, who has made
CIMBA and its programs something unique in the world.
After graduating with a law degree and a master’s degree in statistics, he soon became a professor and realized the sterility of business programs offered by universities and major training
schools. According to Prof. Ringleb, that was not the right educational proposal to turn candidates into successful and inspiring individuals. In this way, schools were denying young
professionals the chance to develop the best part of themselves, destined only to be the empty holders of an authoritative certificate.
It couldn’t be that way.
From this premise and after years of research, Dr. Ringleb had the intuition to combine traditional technical knowledge with the most innovative discoveries in neuroscience. The goal was
to put the person at the center and contribute to his or her total development, including those skills, now defined as soft, but which have all the strength, if wisely developed, to make a better
candidate, a more capable manager and a more appreciated and successful leader.
It is not rare, in fact, that during an interview, a potential participant remains nailed to the chair for several hours, inspired by the world of CIMBA and the interview conducted directly by
its founder. Because this MBA is not for everyone. The score on the dreaded G-MAT no longer counts for admission; other parameters are useful for admission.
And only those who, in addition to their skills, are able to demonstrate motivation and a desire to make a difference will be able to be awarded an MBA certificate from the University of
IOWA’s Tippie College of Business
, one of the 22 best MBA Part-time Programs in the United States (ranked 36th in the world), according to U.S. News & World Report, and begin to help make
this world, their work and their lives something worthwhile and something that people are happy to be a part of.
It is possible to attend the CIMBA MBA in either Full-time or Part-time versions, depending on the candidate’s professional situation. From March 1st it is possible to access the call for
applications for the scholarships covering 70% and 50% of the participation fee.
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