“Circolar…Mente” Ideas Competition

The President of the Chamber of Commerce Pozza: "We have provided 18,000 euro that will go to the winning schools of the competition"

Events - published on 11 November 2022


Source: Press Office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno | Dolomites

Treviso, 11 november 2022
Involving young people, listening to their proposals, working with them, creating a winning dual context represented by institutions such as the Chamber of Commerce and the school is a great
achievement, – highlights the President of the Chamber of Commerce Mario Pozza. – This is the meaning of the competitions we put on for schools in the area of values and issues of
corporate social responsibility and sustainability, which each year is declined into a specific theme. This year the students faced the topic of the circular economy. We have allocated a total
of EUR 18,000.00 that will go to the winning schools. For the first time, we have also involved middle schools and primary schools, both state and paritarian, in the provinces of Treviso and
Belluno, in order to spread the themes of the future to the youngest. My compliments for the work done to the students, their teachers and headmasters who believed in the project.
With the awareness that the culture of sustainability involves the entire compulsory school education cycle, which has the task of forming responsible citizens and entrepreneurs, the Chamber
of Commerce – by decision of the Giunta no. 147 of 11.11.2021 – approved the “Circolar…Mente” Ideas Competition. Three different rankings were then approved in order to distribute the
overall ceiling of EUR 18,000.00.
The call for entries called for facing the theme of the circular economy with a very practical approach: participants were asked to create an original prototype (usable object, furniture,
design, etc.) assembled with waste materials of their choice and coming from households and/or production plants, and to make a video showing the prototype made in its production phases.
By 29 April 2022, 36 projects had been received from 13 schools (of which 19 from high schools, 10 from middle schools and 7 from primary schools).
No. 35 certificates were issued for the “Transversal Skills and Guidance Pathways”, for a total of 1,000 hours (students) and 160 hours (teachers).
The Evaluation Committee, which met in June, approved the ranking list, decreeing the awarding of the prizes envisaged in the call for proposals, two of which (worth EUR 2,500 each) were
awarded to:

Liceo Artistico Statale di Treviso for the “Usable Object category – High schools” with the project “Multifunctional armchair“, an object that simultaneously performs the function
of ergonomic seat, support surface and shoe rack, whose prototype was made on a 1:2 scale using waste materials, also recovered from the warehouses of local companies, such as: iron grids and
scraps, oak wooden pallets, triple-layer cardboard shipping packaging, plexiglass panels and other waste materials from the homes of the students involved in the project;

Collegio “Brandolini – Rota” of Oderzo for the category “Design object – Middle school” with the project “THE ART OF RECYCLING. Have you ever made a painting with 15 materials?“,
representing a mountain landscape with a colourful rainbow. The choice of this subject and the use of numerous materials is intended to draw the viewer’s attention and to make them
understand how it is possible to create a work of art with all that waste we produce every day without even realising it. The rainbow represents the symbol of the transition from primary to
secondary school, experienced by the children with serenity and joy, while the little house is the symbol of a school experienced and loved as one’s own home.

The creativity and attention to research and detail demonstrated by both award-winning schools was particularly appreciated.
During the ceremony, in addition to viewing the videos of the two award-winning prototypes, it will be possible to see some of the objects made live by the students of the two prize-winning
Treviso schools.
President Pozza will present the certificate of participation to the 35 students and 4 project teachers from the Liceo Artistico Statale of Treviso and the Collegio “Brandolini – Rota” of
Oderzo at the event.

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