Circular health: opportunities, challenges and concrete steps.

Fourth meeting: artificial intelligence, health and medicine.

Events - published on 10 January 2022
Source: press office A.I.A. – Artificial Intelligence in Agora
Fourth appointment of the second edition of A.I.A. – Artificial Intelligence in Agorà organised by BiblioTreviso and Comune di Villorba with the patronage of Regione Veneto,
Provincia and Comune di Treviso, ULSS2 Marca Trevigiana, Camera di Commercio di Treviso – Belluno and Fabrica, Centro di Ricerca sulla Comunicazione del Gruppo Benetton.
Among the fields of application of Artificial Intelligence, medicine and public health is perhaps the one that touches us most directly. When it comes to health and A.I. the
relationship between man and machine (and individual algorithm) emerges in all its power, even dramatically. But Artificial Intelligence does not only mean new ways and possibilities of treatment.
Machine learning algorithms can play a key role in the emerging field of Circular Health (or One Health) by laying the groundwork for a more comprehensive integration between the different
disciplines that make it up: human health, plant and animal health, food safety, control of zoonoses (diseases that can spread between animals and humans, such as influenza, rabies and Rift Valley
fever, COVID-19) and the fight against antibiotic resistance (an area relevant to the agricultural, veterinary and public health sectors).
We will talk about this on Tuesday 11 January starting at 21:00 during the meeting entitled A.I., HEALTH AND MEDICINE. CIRCULAR HEALTH: OPPORTUNITIES, CHALLENGES AND CONCRETE STEPS.
Exceptionally, the meeting will be held exclusively in streaming mode on YouTube (and on A.I.A.’s social channels). A decision that – though painful – is intended to help maintain the high level
of attention needed to limit crowds during this phase of the pandemic.
Federico Cabitza: aggregate professor of Human-Machine Interaction for the Degree Course in Computer Science and titular professor of Data Visualization for the Master’s Degree Course in
Data Science at the University of Milan Bicocca;
Giovanni Morana: he is Director of the Complex Operative Unit of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology at the Ca’ Foncello Hospital in Treviso, after a long career at the Institute of
Radiology of the University of Verona. He is a member of numerous scientific associations and has been president of study groups and the International Cancer Imaging Society (2018-19).
Next meeting 15 February, again in dual mode (presence and streaming) where we will address the aspects related to cybersecurity in the light of recent events that have seen the involvement
of public health information systems. How can A.I. strengthen the protection of sensitive data and what are the new threats to be faced? Can the experience of blockchain and bitcoins serve as a
A.I.A. – Artificial Intelligence in Agora is a project that aims to spread the word about Artificial Intelligence by showing citizens the different points of impact that artificial
intelligence algorithms have and will have on our lives. The A.I.A. formula includes a series of thematic meetings with experts from various disciplines (medical, legal, economic, industrial) to
discuss and learn about the theoretical and practical aspects of Artificial Intelligence.
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