Closure and restrictions in Valsugana. Berton: “Problem for the entire Upper Veneto. Action should be taken quickly, but buffer solutions are not enough.”

Economy - published on 24 January 2024

Source: press office Confindustria Belluno Dolomites

Belluno, Jan. 23, 2024 The heavy traffic restrictions in Valsugana are causing enormous damage to businesses and families in the entire Upper Veneto region, including the mountains of Belluno. I call on all institutions – from Vicenza, Belluno and Trentino in particular – to be vigilant and cooperate to the best of their ability. The road must be safely reopened as soon as possible: companies operating in the area are already suffering. I am thinking of the western Feltrino area with the artisanal and industrial zones of Arsiè and Fonzaso, but also of the increase in traffic on the alternative routes, starting with the Feltrina regional road, which already suffers from countless criticalities. This increases travel times and costs for businesses, same script for families. The situation is in danger of becoming chronic from an emergency.

This was said by Lorraine Berton, president of Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti, speaking on the issue of the strada statale 47 della Valsugana.

This stop lays bare the many problems of our road system, which needs an overall trimming and a powerful injection of resources. The valley sections then need additional attention as they are more fragile because they are prone to hydrogeological instability – Berton points out.

That of Valsugana, with the landslide of the past weeks, is a near tragedy that must make us reflect on the state of health of our roads and on the urgency of thinking about a new road system, consolidating the existing one and studying alternative, safe, effective and sustainable connections. We are facing a wake-up call that must be heeded. Buffer solutions are not enough, but a new planning season is needed. Resources, if the political will is there, can be found. We are talking about fundamental arteries that insist on areas that are among the most productive in the entire country. As entrepreneurs we are always ready to offer our operational support – Berton’s conclusion.

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