Coldiretti Treviso applauds bill on farmers as custodians of the land

Farmers guard 55% of the nation's soil with constant maintenance work

Economy - published on 23 February 2024

Source: press office Coldiretti Treviso

Farmers guard 55% of the national soil, with constant maintenance work that ensures food production and the protection of citizens from hydrogeological disruption. This is what Coldiretti says on the occasion of the final go-ahead of the Senate to the bill on the recognition of the figure of the farmer as guardian of the environment and the land and on the establishment of the National Agriculture Day.

A country’s heritage, however, put at risk by overbuilding and abandonment, with Italy having lost nearly 1/3 of its farmland in the last half century and the total agricultural area having shrunk to just 16.5 million hectares, according to Coldiretti’s analysis. All of this, with disruptive effects on the land’s hydrogeological resilience, the country’s production deficit and agribusiness dependence on foreign countries.

Agriculture affects more than half of the national surface area, and for this reason Italy to defend the environment must protect its agricultural heritage and its availability of fertile land with an adequate social, cultural and economic recognition of the role of the activity in the countryside – Coldiretti President Ettore Prandini stressed – We need to accelerate the approval of the law on land consumption that has been lying in Parliament for years and that could provide Italy with a cutting-edge tool for the protection of its territory.

And farmers also represent an embankment to the loss of biodiversity, in a situation in which from the 8,000 varieties of fruit present along the PeninsulaColdiretti stresses – we have dropped to just under 2,000 and of these as many as 1,500 are considered endangered also as a result of modern systems of commercial distribution that favor large quantities and standardization of supply. This is demonstrated by the Campagna Amica Seals, the largest work of valorization of peasant biodiversity ever carried out in the Belpaese, which has allowed new commercial outlets created by farmers’ markets and Campagna Amica farms active in all regions, realities that have offered economic opportunities to breeders and growers of varieties and breeds at risk of extinction.

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