#Column Following the course of the River Piave

The Piave River offers various opportunities to immerse yourself in nature, including the Vincheto di Celarda Nature Reserve

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Source: Press Office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno | Dolomites

The River Piave which crosses the Province from north to south, as well as the region until it flows into the Adriatic Sea. Throughout its course, the river is bordered by equipped green
areas where you can enjoy the peace and scenery while making pleasant stops. Durante tutto il suo corso, il Fiume è costeggiato da aree verdi attrezzate in cui potrete godervi la pace ed il
paesaggio facendo delle piacevoli soste.
For cycling enthusiasts, the ‘Via Regia’ cycle path that runs partly along the banks of the river will allow you to reach Lake Santa Croce. More experienced cyclists can ride the distance
from Belluno to Feltre, on dirt roads close to the river, where they can take a break.
In Belluno, where the river runs alongside the city, during the summer you can fully appreciate the landscape and the breeze offered by the banks. Beach volleyball courts, a well-stocked
kiosk, an area equipped for picnics and barbecues, as well as beach umbrellas and sunbeds and a small playground for children will allow you to relax to the slow rhythm of the lapping of the Piave
Following the course of the River, in the Mel, you can experience canoeing in the river’s tributaries. This activity is suitable for everyone, even the youngest, but there are also more
difficult and adventurous routes. Rafting and horse riding are other ways in which you can immerse yourself in the nature of the
Near Feltre, the course of the Piave River runs alongside the Vincheto di Celarda Nature Reserve, characterised by the presence of flora and fauna species typical of wetlands, which can be
admired during walks accessible to all. You can encounter animals such as hares, wild boar and roe deer in a semi-wild state or in enclosures. Consequently, the visit is particularly suitable for
children, and there is the possibility of participating in educational activities.
A few steps from the river course you can also visit the Museo del Piave ‘Vincenzo Colognese’, which collects many traces of the First World War where, by means of flight simulators, you
can experience the thrill of piloting aircraft different in purpose and size.
Along the course of the river there are many opportunities to stop and enjoy tradition at the table,

the innovative Trattoria Case e Cesa 3.0 in Limana,

Trattoria Pizzeria San Felice in Borgo Valbelluna
Not far away you can stay overnight at several facilities, such as

Al ponte della Vittoria” hotel near Belluno;

in some historic Dolomites houses in Val Belluna,

Locanda Solagna in Quero

and Hotel Ristorante Al Tegorzo in Fener, well-known for its fish

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