Commissioners Breton and Schmit host Pact for Skills roundtable with Aerospace and Defence executives

Economy - published on 19 October 2020

Source: European Commission Spokesperson’s Service

This morning, Commissioners Breton and Schmit chaired a high-level roundtable on the Pact for Skills with the Aerospace and Defence manufacturing sector. This roundtable is the third
in a series of sectorial roundtables. The Pact was announced under the European Skills Agenda adopted by the Commission on 1 July 2020. The objective of the Pact is to provide a framework to
mobilise all relevant stakeholders – industrial, social, regional and education partners – to assist people in developing the right skill-set for a sustainable, social and resilient recovery from
the coronavirus pandemic. Partnerships established under the Pact will benefit from Commission support such as a partnership platform and advice on EU funding options. The Aerospace and Defence
sector has been identified as an important industrial ecosystem to partner up with under the Pact due to the severe consequences of the pandemic, the strong engagement from the industrial players
as well as its progress under the current Blueprint of Sectoral Cooperation on Skills initiative. Upskilling (improving existing skills) and reskilling (training in new skills) are
important drivers for the recovery from the pandemic and for the long-term restructuring of the sector. The meeting showed a strong and positive commitment to work together to ensure the reskilling
and upskilling of workers in the European Aerospace and Defence industry.

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