Confartigianato Belluno hosts first national board meeting Food 2024

Economy - published on 22 February 2024

Source: press office Confartigianato Imprese Belluno

As of 2023, the national councils for the Food category of Confartigianato will be held throughout the country on a travelling basis. It was precisely the headquarters of Confartigianato Imprese Belluno that hosted the category’s first national board meeting for 2024, on 19 February.

It is a great satisfaction to have hosted the national Food Executive in Belluno, –  says Claudia Scarzanella, President of Confartigianato Imprese Belluno, – especially at a time when the importance of the food sector is at the centre of attention: among the sectors that are driving exports in the Veneto region are those of agri-food production (+463 million euros) and the statistics available so far show a 2023 closure with a slowdown in inflation for this sector.

Chaired by the President of Confartigianato Cremona Massimo Rivoltini , the meeting was attended by the Confartigianato counsillor of Belluno, Cristiano Gaggion, Confartigianato Asti’s Alessandro Del Trotti, Confartigianato Udine’s Giorgio Venudo and the Councillor of Confartigianato Veneto of the Dairy Trade Renzo Bettiol.

Being able to welcome the National Food Board in Belluno, –  comments Cristiano Gaggion, President of the Food Federation of Veneto and Confartigianato Imprese Belluno, – is a very important recognition for us, for the value of the work done so far with commitment and for the confidence in what we will achieve in the future. The direct comparison in the different territories of our country is proving to be fundamental to understand the heterogeneous realities that characterise the gastronomic excellence of Made in Italy. It is fundamental to have the opportunity to get to know each other in order to work in synergy and I hope, –  he concludes –  that this path will be maintained and strengthened in the coming years.


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