Cortina 2021. Great success for Cortina 2021 digital channels: social interactions go crazy and app and website grow too

Sport - published on 09 February 2021

Source: Fondazione Cortina 2021 press office

Cortina d’Ampezzo (BL), 8th February 2021 – Great success for Cortina 2021 social and digital channels, in a World Cup that – also due to the absence of the general public because
of the Covid-19 – has invested a lot in the implementation of virtual platforms able to involve fans and enthusiasts all over the world.

Yesterday was celebrated the Opening Ceremony of these 46th Alpine Ski World Championships, and the data available to the Cortina 2021 Foundation already testify to the deep engagement of
the fanbase
in a virtual participation in the World Championships, going even beyond expectations.

In the last 15 days, the Cortina 2021 Instagram
profile – which now counts almost 40 thousand followers – has obtained around 380 thousand impressions (an increase of 40% compared to the same period in January), reaching almost 1 million users
in the last month. In the last two weeks, impressions on Facebook jumped to 1 million (+200% compared to the previous month) and recorded an overall growth trend of 40%; on Twitter, on the other hand, there were 31 thousand impressions, with a 150% increase
in engagement and 70% more users visiting the profile. Finally, as regards LinkedIn, there
were 2,500 new visits to the page in the last month, with 120% more impressions than in the previous period and a growth in followers of 90%.

There were also excellent results for the Cortina 2021 Official App, which was the second most downloaded app in the store, with around 9,000 downloads, and those relating to the
Cortina 2021 website, which on Sunday 7th February alone – on the occasion of the World
Cup Opening Ceremony – recorded over 59,000 unique user hits.

Last but not least, the ratings of the Opening Ceremony of the World Cup, broadcast yesterday evening on Rai2, were also good, with a share of over 8%, equal to 1.6 million viewers
connected live
on TV and peaks of over 2 million viewers.

Numbers that confirm the great importance of the digital enhancement of the World Championships, even more so in this edition, and the great desire of users and fans to follow the spectacle of
great international skiing even from a distance, experiencing all the excitement of the World Championships from an authentic “virtual edge of the slopes”.

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