Cs CNA Asolo / Coldiretti Treviso – Pact CNA-Coldiretti for the Ghisola | On 26th training with the pastry chef Di Carlo

On May 26 the pastry chef Leonardo di Carlo will transfer the secrets of the typical Asolo's dessert to new producers

Events - published on 19 May 2021

Source: CNA Asolo press office
Asolo, May 18, 2021 – An agreement for the Ghisola: CNA and Coldiretti Asolo have signed it with the intent to promote the sweet that encompasses the beauty, goodness,
flavors, traditions, history and culture of Asolano and Pedemontana del Grappa
, becoming a vector of communication of the territory and its typical products.
On May 26, the two associations will promote a funded course to transfer to holiday farms, pastry shops and bakeries the secrets of Ghisola, developed by the internationally renowned pastry
chef Leonardo di Carlo, who will also take care of the training on the 26th at the Maffioli Institute in Pieve del Grappa.
There is in fact an important novelty. In addition to the “classic” Ghisola with Ancient Monfumo Apple jam, there is now a brand new creation of pastry art: the version with Maser Cherry jam.
Ghisola was created especially for tourists and visitors, to make sure they take a piece of Asolo home with them – says Gianandrea Salvestrin, president of CNA Asolo -. It is
important that those who come to visit our territory with a sensitivity and food and wine research can buy Ghisola everywhere and especially in the places where they stop to eat. Therefore, the
collaboration with Coldiretti to stimulate holiday farms to adopt this typical product as part of their culinary offer is very positive.
Ghisola has joined the project of Coldiretti Treviso because it contains all the extraordinary ingredients of a friendly countryside ready to give itself to the consumer with authentic flavors
inextricably linked to our territory. In addition, we are talking about a product that carries with it all the guarantees that the artisan artists daily ennoble with their attention to give life to
unique and inimitable products – said Giorgio Polegato, provincial president of Coldiretti Treviso -. We are honored that our agritourisms of Terra Nostra/Campagna Amica can boast of
the opportunity to offer their customers and friends a cake that will make people talk about it. Thanks to Cna for this wonderful collaboration.
Ghisola is a sweet with tender and fragrant notes, like the overwhelming love story between Gabriele D’Annunzio and Eleonora Duse in the early years.
Ghisola is in fact the affectionate nickname that the Vate gave to the great theatrical actress buried in Asolo. This is how the faithless poet recounts his burning passion for the Divine in The
Secret Book:
I would return after three hours, impatient. From the avenue I called my only companion, I shouted love with the tenderest of names: Ghisola, Ghisola bella! Throwing the bridle, I jumped on the
gravel. Ghisola! I was crazy about her, oblivious, blameless. Fleeting infidelity gave love a heady novelty: sovereign certainty. “Ghisola, Ghisola, I love you, I love you, and forever you alone.”

Ghisola’s cake is not only a masterpiece of taste, born from the unique products of Asolano and Pedomontana del Grappa – Biancoperla Cornmeal, ancient apples from Monfumo, Maser cherries – and
from the ingenuity of a master confectioner. It is also the voice, still resounding in the alleys of Asolo, of a feeling, a suggestion, an intimate color of the soul that every visitor can take
home with him or her as those who love their territory would wish.
The creation of Ghisola was commissioned to pastry chef Leonardo di Carlo by the CNA of Asolo in 2016 with the aim of promoting the territory, its products but above all its local
businesses, in particular the artisans.
Today, Coldiretti joins this adventure, which will promote the recipe at its members, in particular the agritourisms, giving strength to a territorial marketing project of high profile food and
wine, cultural craftsmanship.

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