Current topics at Evoo Days: Fighting the olive fly in organic farming and the right shelf life for oil

The olive oil industry forum is scheduled at Veronafiere, in presence and online on 5 and 6 July 2021

Events - published on 30 June 2021
Source: press office VeronaFiere
Verona, 29 June 2021 – The fight against olive fly in conventional or organic farming, residues that nullify oil export opportunities, the correct expiry date for oil and variations
in the product over time. These are some of the most topical issues that will be dealt with during Evoo Days, the in-depth analysis and networking forum for the olive oil production chain
scheduled 5 – 6 July 2021 at VeronaFiere.
OLIVE FLEA AND ORGANIC FARMING – The new season for the fight against the olive fly is approaching and the active ingredient most used by olive growers, dimethoate, has been withdrawn and,
to date, it does not seem that the extension for its use in 2021 will be renewed, as was the case in 2020. This means that olive growers have to prepare for new pest management strategies
that include the integration of larvicide and adulticide control in organic production.
The Evoo Days will explain their potential and limitations, including the different possibilities offered by the market, essentially divided into two categories: repellents (kaolin and zeolites)
and attract&kill (spray baits or hanging traps). These are control systems that are wrongly considered to be ineffective and costly, but which offer numerous advantages in terms of low
ACTIVE PRINCIPLES AND EXPORT – The latter is a very important factor for olive growers, especially those who export. Some of the active ingredients allowed in integrated agriculture
(phosmet, deltamethrin, acetamiprid) tend to remain in extra virgin olive oil even beyond the deficiency times indicated on the label, even at very low doses. However, in some markets, such as the
US, their presence is not allowed at all, which makes it impossible to use these plant protection products for export oils.
Research is currently identifying new natural active ingredients to combat the olive fly more effectively using the adulticide system.
Precise parameters for the right expiry date – Making the best oil in the world but using the wrong packaging or the wrong logistics chain can expose extra virgin olive oil to a premature death. At
Evoo Days we will talk about how to choose the right expiry date, the right minimum oil conservation period, because not all oils have the same life and this depends on many factors. While it is
the practice of olive growers and millers to give oil a standard average life of 18 months, it is necessary to be aware that depending on certain analytical parameters (not just acidity or
peroxides) the average life should be a little shorter.
Once bottled, the oil must maintain its extra virgin olive oil characteristics until the last day of the minimum shelf life indicated. Otherwise it is fraud in trade.
SOCIAL, TOURISM AND ENVIRONMENTAL LABELLING. Great attention will also be paid during the Evoo Days to social marketing for businesses in the olive sector, the potential of tourist
accommodation in farms and new developments in terms of environmental labelling.
You can download the detailed programme at
Evoo Days can be attended in two different ways: in person, in the VeronaFiere Auditorium, in full compliance with anti-Covid security regulations, or online, with simultaneous translation.
In keeping with tradition, Evoo Days will host a preview tasting of the oils winning Sol d’Oro Emisfero Nord, the only international blind tasting competition dedicated to quality evo oil, held
16 – 21 June at VeronaFiere.

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