Demography of enterprises in Treviso and Belluno Provinces until September 30th, 2017

The number of enterprises in the two Provinces starts growing again, net of the compensations between tertiary and industry; in Treviso it did not happen since five years.

Economy - published on 03 November 2017

Still negative, in Treviso Province, the comparison with last year, in particular for building sector and trade, even if the negative enterprises variation (-115 units) is much less strong in
comparison to one year ago (-673 units).

“After the strong enterprises contraction during the crisis, the balance of registrations and closedowns returns to be positive” – underlines President Mario Pozza
“It is for sure a relevant confirmation, even if not sufficient taking into consideration that the tendency data are still negative, even if in a less intensive way in comparison to the last years.
It would need to start a new cycle of innovative enterprises: the actual scenarios provide hints for new business models, but it would be also desirable that regulations, bureaucracy and credit do
not restrict the desire to make business, in particular within young people”.

Treviso Province

Until September 30th, 2017, the stock of active enterprises in the Province, in the amount of 79.909 units, it starts growing again in comparison to the previous quarter (+139 units,
+0,2%), as it did not happen since more than five years, in the same period observed (third quarter over second quarter). The annual comparison (September 2017 over September 2016) shows a still
negative trend (-115 units; -0,1%), but far away from the tendency variation registered on September 30th, 2016 (-673, -0,8%) and from the same annual variation registered starting from
September 2010.

The increase of consistency, in comparison to June 2017, it is the result of a compensation between sectors that are growing and sectors that are facing a light decrease. The most relevant positive
contribution comes from the agriculture sector that this year is starting to grow again after the strong contractions from 2009 and the stability phase of the last two years. The sector registers,
in particular, +46 new enterprises in comparison to June 2017 and +179 units in comparison to one year ago and it is in particular represented by the “viticulture” sector that it was
already strong growing three months ago (+96 enterprises in comparison to March 2017 and +296 units in comparison to June 2016).

Services to enterprises and persons maintain an overall positive trend, both cyclically and tendentially: the first ones gain +72 enterprise in the quarter, thanks in particular to
professional, scientific and technical activities (+31), financial and insurance activities (+20) and supporting enterprises activities (+20). Services to persons grow
with +35 enterprises on cyclical basis thanks to the positive contribution of all sector’s activities.

The building sector, with +8 enterprises in comparison to June 2017, it results to be basically stable in comparison to the previous quarter, whereas it is the sector that shows the most relevant
drop on annual basis (-216 enterprises).

The manufactory sector, trade, pubs/bars and real estate activities are decreasing, both cyclically and tendencially. Within the manufactory sector (-5 enterprises in the quarter and -48 in the
last year), the metalworking sector shows an increase (+8 and +10 units, respectively), even if it is not able to balance out the decrease of enterprises in the fashion system
(-21 and -16 units, respectively). The trade sector loses 14 enterprises in the quarter and 187 units in the year and remains negative both in the wholesale (-19 and -59 units) and retail (-15 and
-148 units). Finally, both the accomodation-food service and real estate sectors lose 10 enterprises in the quarter and -9 and -91 units, respectively, in comparison to one year ago.

The artisan businesses, too, show a slight increase in comparison to June 2017 (+15 enterprises, from 23.091 to 23.106 units), whereas remains a negative trend on annual basis
(-212 enterprises) even if reducing in comparison to the tendency variation of last year (-319 units). The slight increase in the quarter, thanks to the good recovery of the service to enterprises
(+12) and persons (+14) was not able to balance out the drops within the manufactory sector (-9 enterprises) and pubs/bars (+8 units) and a stable building sector (+1 unit). The last, a sector that
shows, instead, the most relevant drops on annual basis (-145 units) together with the manufactory sector (-126).

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