Dialogue in the territory generates trust and a network of inestimable value

Her Excellency Prefect Laganà and President Pozza meet the territory

Economy - published on 05 March 2021

Treviso, Thursday 25th February 2021
Today’s meeting was organized by the Chamber of Commerce and the Prefecture.
The objective was to hear from the protagonists of the associative world, trade unions, mayors, Ance, INPS, how the territory is doing and what it needs to restart.
One message came from everyone, in unison, and that is that the dialogue, collaboration, the network that the Chamber of Commerce has created in the first place, with the periodic weekly tables,
has been good for the economy by generating collaboration, anticipation of critical issues, desire for solutions.
This has led to timely responses because, through dialogue, solutions and correct attitudes have emerged since the beginning of the lockdown.
Therefore, the dialogue between institutions and the economic world has generated trust, creating a network of inestimable value.
What has emerged today? A novelty anticipated by President Pozza. Legality, a precondition for doing business, as recalled by President Draghi in his speech, will be the subject of
the letter that Unioncamere Veneto will send to all companies in the Veneto region. The invitation is – said President Pozza firmly – if there are problems in the company, the
first interlocutor must be the institution and not easy funding opportunities that can lead to dangerous mafia infiltration.
Another important element, communicated by President Pozza, is the dialogue between the Bank of Italy and the Chamber system, to ensure that companies have confidence in the banking system.
To ensure this, the Bank of Italy has promised initiatives to guarantee transparency in compliance with the regulations that Italy must implement according to European agreements.

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